Meet My Premie Miracle - Jonah Anthony - (Long, Pic Heavy)

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Meet My Premie Miracle - Jonah Anthony - (Long, Pic Heavy)

First off let me apologize - I have not been able to post my entire pregnancy because well - it was complicated ;(

I had bronchitis once, pneumonia twice (second time sent me to the hospital, twice) - plus a variety of pregnancy related issues including gestational diabetes and hyperemisis.

Balancing two other children plus a full time job equaled no internet time at all - unless I was on my phone, making it difficult to post ;(

I was lurking however Smile

My little precious miracle, Jonah Anthony, was born March 12, 2013 at 8:15 PM - 7lb 0oz, 20.5 inches long.

He was born t 36.5 weeks.

Doesn't sound very early and he sounds big right?
I thought the same thing.

This was a lesson in emotional strength, patience, and things I never thought I would have to experience - ever.
Granted my first son was taken to another hospital the day he was born - he was brought back after testing cleared him within 24 hours.
This was completely different and not what I expected.

On March 12 at work I wasn't feeling well. I felt crampy, tired, and I kept getting sick in the bathroom. I thought maybe I had a virus or it was the lovely face of the hyperemesis I'd had the whole time (I gained a total of 12 pounds).

I went to my doctor who checked me, no change in dilation from the week before - but I was effaced about 50 %.
Went to the hospital for monitoring (in the back of my head couldn't wait to get home and rest and watch some TV - no idea of the events to come). About 2 hours in, I heard the nurse outside my door call my doctor "she's contracting every 6-8 minutes, what do you want to do?"
I immediately burst in to tears. My doc told me in the office if I was contracting AT ALL in any way, they were taking him that night, because I was a high risk for rupture after 2 c sections and we weren't taking any chances with that.

The nurses came in and said he was coming tonight. I honestly felt like throwing up - but seriously, 36.5 weeks, not early and I knew he was big - so he would be okay ... right?

Jonah was born an hour after I learned he was coming. The csection was standard (brutal) and I had a tubal ligation at the same time. I heard one healthy cry and cried myself, my husband was crying too (our first baby together, he has 3 by a previous marriage, I have 2).

But after that, Jonah really didn't cry. A few little cries but he just stopped. They brought him to me, but immediately ran away as did my husband. I went to recovery for an hour before Joe came back in with the news.

Jonah was not breathing well on his own - he was born with respitory distress syndrome - likely from a combo of being premature, and me having diabetes. He was sent to the NICU. I met him the next day at 12 PM. I was unable to touch him - or hold him - I cried for about an hour at this bedside. He was intubated and given a treatment to help mature his lungs. He had a belly IV tube and was fed that way. His breathing was awful - I've never seen a baby breathe like that.

Jonah was beautiful - I stayed with him as much as I could while recovering from the csection. I finally held him on the 2nd day but the tubes were in the way and the monitors kept going off.

We were released, without Jonah, on March 16. We made hospital trips every day for 8-10 hours (it was a half hour drive one way). Recovery for me was brutal and still is plus I got an infection from the catheter.

My beautiful precious boy was finally released 9 days after he was born. It was such an amazing moment to hear the doctors say he had recovered well and quicker than they expected - but the doctors and nurses who had treated him had been AMAZING. I never knew a baby that was born at 36.5 could have had such issues - and I never thought it would happen to me. I'm leaving out a lot of other things because there's not enough room in this post - but the fact is, my baby is home safe. He left the hospital at a weight of 6lb 9oz. He's adjusting well at home and we are strictly formula feeding him and he's adjusted well to that.

Here's some pictures - the pregnant picture is from the day before he was born - I had no idea at the time. My c section was scheduled for April 2.

I hope everyone is well and thank you for listening and reading. It was truly a life changing experience.

Going to C section:

Just born:

Held for first time:

How I first met him:


Normal feeding time:

His bed - they are creative at the NICU:

Off monitors:

Mommy and Baby Kangaroo Time:

More pics to come when I get a chance. And I'm making a blog that will put the entire experience up - I feel bad I even typed this much on here LOL Smile


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Congrats on your baby boy!!!!! That completely astounded me that you were 2 days off of full term and the baby still had breathing issues. But I'm glad everything ended up well and I'm glad you've got your baby home with you!!!

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Thank you honey. He also had major jaundice issues got up to a level of 16.5 - plus his calcium levels were low (due to gestational diabetes).

He was not allowed to be touched or swaddled for a while because if he did get touched he got agitated and his stats would fall.

His blood oxygen level at one point was 42%.

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Man.. sounds like you went through alot. And like I said - so close to full term AND he was a perfectly healthy size. Good thing you had good nurses and doctors. I have asthma - always have - so I know how it feels when your blood oxygen level falls.. 42% sounds quite scary, I had a hard time (like REALLY hard time) breathing when mine fell into the 70's.

But he's home now! And ADORABLE!!!

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Wow, what an adventure. I was wondering what had happened to you and if things were going well. That all sounds very scary but I was very happy to read how well he recovered and that he's home now. He looks so beautiful and I hope you can find time to post more!

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Congrats and glad to hear things are going better now. They say our struggles make us stronger people so that is hopefully true for you and your beautiful baby boy

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Congrats Jenn! Jonah is beautiful! Sorry to hear you had such a scare in the beginning with the breathing issues. I'm so glad his NICU stay was short and he is at home with you now.

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oh my gosh i am totally balling reading your story! you poor thing. That had to be so freakin hard girl Sad Praise the Lord he is doing ok now!! Congratulations! He is absolutely gorgeous!

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I'm so sorry you had to go through that! It's woo hard to have a lil on in the nicu when you just want to take them home. I'm glad he recovered quickly and is doing great now. He's so adorable!

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I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. But am so glad to hear you were able to bring home a now healthy baby boy. He's adorable! Congrats to you and your family.

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Wow, that's crazy! Thanks for updating us about everything - totally understand not having enough time to post!!!
I'm so glad he is home and healthy now after all of that. He is adorable - he looks like you I think!

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Congrats! Jonah is so beautiful. Thank you for coming on and updating us.

this means Jonah takes the honor of being the first April baby born!

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wow what a birth story! He's a handsome lil man, congrats. and so glad to hear it has a very happy ending

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Wow!!! That was such a touching story. I am so sorry you had to endure all of that but I am so thankful and happy that everything worked out and your baby boy is healthy and at home with you and your family. Definitely sounds like a life changing experience. Thank the good Lord for always being there and helping us through tough times. I hope things continue to go well Smile Sending you happy thoughts and I will keep you and your family in my prayers Smile

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Wow, big hugs to you, that was a lot to go through! I'm sorry you had such a scary experience, but I am so happy he is healthy and home with you now. I hope you recover from the c-section soon too. He is a beautiful little boy!

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Wow, I never would have expected that a baby so close to being considered full term would have breathing issues like that! Thank goodness that he is home and doing well now. He is beautiful! Thank you for checking in with us, and congrats on your beautiful baby!