For moms of 2 or more + some rambling

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For moms of 2 or more + some rambling

Here's a small detail that I can't get out of my head. When you have your baby, how soon until your other child/children can come in to see you? Now, I defininitely DON'T want my almost 5 year old watching a baby come out of my nether regions, but I feel like as soon as me and the baby are cleaned up I'm going to want my family together.

I think I'm just feeling sad in general that he'll be so seperated for everything going in the hospital. We're very close and he's very attached to me and I know I'm going to miss him while I'm there, but I also know a hospital room is no place for an almost 5 year old to spend his entire day. Hopefully, if I get my VBAC, I'll be in and out quickly so it won't be that big of a deal. I just feel like getting a baby sister is a big moment for him too and I want him to be able to be involved. OK, I can feel myself rambling.

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This will be my second obviously but the one thing friends have cautioned me about is when you bring your other child in be careful to be holding the baby and stuff because it can really hurt their feelings. My daughter will go to daycare and someone will go get her at about 2 and bring her the hospital. I am having a hard time because I will be in the hospital on Easter morning and not home with my daughter. I am getting her some special stuff for her basket and we will all be home later that day.

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I'm not sure about this one. But I would think as soon as you would like. This makes me think of another question...

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We aren't sure. Right now our hospital has a restriction for no kids under the age of 12 because of how bad the flu is. Maybe that will be lifted by the time for baby. We have our 13 year old and 6 year old. And I kind of feel like, I don't want the 13 year old there because thats not fair for the 6 year old, and they will be together with whoever is watching them for us so that will make it hard. I'm really hoping that something happens during the week while they are in school which means they are taken care of during the day for the most part which will make things a little easier. It'll probably all be last minuet though. Sad

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My daughter is only two, so I am not worried about her missing out on the excitement of meeting little sister as soon as possible-she doesn't understand and will probably be more jealous than excited when she does see the new baby. I will have to check at my next appointment if my hospital will allow young children to visit-hopefully they will, but if not and we have to wait until I go home, I will probably miss Isabelle more than she will miss me, as my mom is coming to stay with us for a week as soon as I go into labor and whenever she is around, Isabelle could care less about me, lol! Grandma is definitely her favorite person in the whole world! And while part of me is sad to be away from Isabelle while I am in the hospital, I am also looking forward to that short time of being able to give my undivided attention to DD#2-she will probably sleep through most of it, but once I come home, I will have to split my attention between her and DD1 so DD2 won't get the same level of attention that DD1 did by virtue of being the first.

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Micaiah didn't see Noel until I came home but that was the same day I had her.
This time I think I will stay over one night; I'll probably have the kids come see the baby once things are calmed down. I don't think it matters; it's whenever you're ready for it. Since I already have two, there's not as much jealousy issues there.