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Moving over

Really thought I would stay in March, but AF showed on Sunday, so this is my first official board hop.
I've been really sad the past few days maybe because I got my hopes up. I have never really ttc, I just seem to have surprises. So this time, I wanted to "plan it" thinking I would be pregnant the first month. Seems like ttc isn't as fun as I thought, it's really starting to stress me out! I might take a break this month, although I will be using opk's so I may just go for it! We'll see!

Anyways, I'm Samantha. DH and I have 2 beautiful boys!

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Hi sammantha
Sorry af found you.
Here's hoping April brings you your bfp.

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Hi Samantha-welcome to April and hope that you get to stay. Smile TTCing can be stressful for sure. Try not to let it upset you too much (easier said than done, I know!)

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Sorry af found you!! I hope that it you get your bfp this month. Seems like when we are actually trying it takes longer, go figure lol

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Sorry AF found you hope April is your last hop!

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:wavehello: Welcome! Don't let it get you down too quick!! Smile TTC can be stressful, fun and rewarding (although I don't have one yet!!). OPKs are great. I advise testing 2x daily. Sometimes my LH surges are very short. So I will be + in the morning and - at night. So at first, I think I missed some good BDing timing!! Lots of luck...and may April be your month! Smile

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Don't get to stressed out about it because that can definitely hinder fertilization. It's only been a month, you've got plenty of time!