Mucus plug? (TMI)

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Mucus plug? (TMI)

So this morning I woke up and went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was globs of clear goo. A LOT of it. I've always been told that the mucus plug would be pink or have streaks of red in it (blood). This was clear. Its happened a few other times today when I went to the bathroom today too. Its lots of big globs of stuff. Its all been clear though, no pink or red tinge. Is this my mucus plug? I've read online that it can be clear but those were all from boards, not real "medical' or pregnancy sites. Also he feels so low now that I'm feeling a lot of pressure in the nether regions. I feel like he's going to fall out. Guess this all means I'm getting close? I've been having awful period type cramps and lower back/pelvic area pain for about a week now off and on. I mentioned it when I went to the dr on Wed and he said it was normal b/c everything is shifting and getting ready. Today they were so bad all I could do was lay on the couch and wait for them to ease off, which they did eventually thank goodness. Anyway, do you all think that could have been my mucus plug even though there was no blood?

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The globs of clear good could very well be some of the mucus plug! :clappy: I was reading just this morning that starting about weeks 36-37, you increase mucus discharge as you prepare for labor. Biggrin So while what you're seeing may not be the plug stuff itself (but I wouldn't know cuz I'm not in the medical field.. just from what I'm reading!!), you're certainly gearing up for labor! Biggrin

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I have no idea, but I hope so. Sounds like your body is getting into gear though!

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I didn't lose mine til I was in labor and it was bloody. But it definitely sounds like your body is gearing up for labor!

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From what I've heard - you can lose your mucus plug and it not be bloody. However, the bloody part is when the cervix is actually dilating and breaking blood vessels, so if it's bloody they say labor is closer than a non-bloody plug coming out. However, I will say that the past couple of weeks I've had a crap load of gross discharge. None of it has been my "plug" but it's been....gross...

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I don't know either since I never officially lost mine with either pregnancies but I also had a lot of discharge the week or two before. A couple times I was walking down the hall to my classroom and actually felt the discharge and sure enough got to the bathroom and it was all gooey gross!

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Sounds like your mucous plug but remember Alissa's regrew so she lost it twice. Still, sounds like your body is getting ready!