my 28 wk apt

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my 28 wk apt

So i went to my ob yesterday my glucose test came back perfect, so no worries there, and she finally got my results from my echo and everything looks good there. Listened to babys hb ( i could never get bored listening to that sound) and she measured my belly.. Still measuring a little bit ahead but that will even out im sure soon.. My next apt is Feb 13:) oh yeah and i only gained 1 lb in the last two weeks so thats good:)

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Awesome appointment! Its great to hear the U/S was normal.

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Awesome! Sounds like everything is going just as it should. Glad to hear that your glucose test and echo are fine. Smile

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Yay for a good appointment! Good news about the glucose and echo!!

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That's great news! I'm glad the echo went well.