My 6 week PP appt

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My 6 week PP appt

Actually, it's more like 7, but who's counting? I wasn't in any big hurry to go back to the doc since last time they said my incision wasn't healing correctly and they might have to go back in and drain a hematoma. But, everything was fine. Everything is healed up great and I cleared to go back to work on Thursday. THURSDAY! OMG I can't believe my kid is almost 2 months old! Where is the time going? I remember counting down the weeks and looking at what "fruit" she was every week and she's already been here TWO MONTHS? Holy crap!

The MW asked if I had had sex and I said yes and she said... You know you could be pregnant, right?

Thanks, lady. LOL Is THAT how babies are made?

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LOL Jessica! Love the "is that how babies are made?" comment.

I'm glad that you're all healed up and got a clean bill of health. Are you feeling "back to normal?" Ha, I don't know if I'll ever feel back to normal.

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Physically, yes, I feel fine. I'm down a whole lot of weight, so that's great, except around my c-section scar it's still kinda puffy so.. even though everything is really loose on me, my waist is about the same as my pre-pregnancy weight.

I have done like 4 tickers and they all have the wrong age. And they all have different ages. *eyeroll*

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Glad you're all healed up. Wow you're having sex? Awesome girl. That's not even a thought in my brain right now. Let's hope you're not pregnant right? Or do you want another soon? I feel like you need a good year off from morning sickness!

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Elizabeth - I feel like I need more than year off of morning sickness! Especially since I am STILL not able to eat correctly. I get sick a lot ..not as much as when I was pregnant, but yeah...still throwing up probably 2 times a week.

And yeah, i'm having sex. Well, "having" makes it seem like we do it all the time. I did it once on my anniversary and once again since then. Since I had a c-section I wasn't *too* worried about it doing any damage down there.

But heck NO I don't want to be pregnant this soon! EEEK

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You're still throwing up!!! Did you mention that ar your appointment?

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I'm sorry your still getting sick. Hopefully that passes soon. But yay for dr clearance. Hope your transition back to work goes smoothly. Are you doing daycare for Julie or have other plans?

DH and I have DTD twice now and I am scared to death to get pregnant again. I start BC pills tomorrow, but EEK! Can't get pregnant it's way to soon and two we just can't have another one financially.