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My Appt. Thurs

I had my most recent appointment Thursday but forgot to post. Blood pressure is still low which I was happy about. Really hoping it will cooperate this time and I won't end up developing Pre-e in labor again. I had lost 1 1/2 lbs. from last week, probably because I was sick over the weekend and couldn't eat for a couple days. I think my overall weight gain has been between 10-15lbs. which I am happy about since I was overweight when I got pregnant. Had my GBS swab which hopefully will come back negative. I declined a cervical check and swabs for STDs.

I asked the midwife if the hospital still has a policy against drinking/eating in labor which if I am with the midwives they don't enforce it, but if I have to transfer to an OB for some reason, they do not allow. I don't care about eating but I will be drinking whether they like it or not-I remember I got so thirsty last time and ice chips didn't cut it, fortunately my DH snuck me juice to drink. This time I will just take a water bottle and refuse to let go of it, not likely they will pry it from me by force, haha!

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Glad your appointment went well. Will be praying for you and your Lo. I know you must be super excited! Not much longer! Smile

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Glad your appointment went well. My midwife/hospital has the same rules on eating and drinking. Hospital doesnt allow it, but midwife does not enforce it.

Will you be declining all of your cervical checks? Im considering this as well. Because I dont want them to tell me Im dilated and effaced and really I have 6 more weeks. Sounds like it can really mess with you emotionally.

Hope the gbs comes back negative!!

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Good for low blood pressure! My midwife asked me to put liquids allowed in my birth plan. She wants me to bring something with sugar in it to keep my energy up.

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Who hoo for low blood pressure..I hope it stays that way for you.
I remember I couldn't eat or drink anything during labor with my son, but I was also induced-maybe that makes a difference? I haven't asked the DR yet this go round what happens if I go into labor on my own.

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Elizabeth, I do plan to decline all cervical checks prior to labor. Last time I only had two checks in labor-I was checked upon being admitted to the hospital to make sure I was far enough along to admit and I asked to be checked prior to pushing to make sure I was completely dilated as I was kind of paranoid about swelling my cervix. I plan to ask my midwife what would happen if I refuse to be checked when I show up for admittance this time, if they won't admit me if they don't know how dilated I am, but honestly when I was in labor last time, the checks didn't bother me. However I have no desire to be checked before labor begins as I am uncomfortable enough down there right now as it is, and I don't feel the information means anything at all in terms of when I would actually go into labor/how fast labor will go, so why put myself through the discomfort.

Jill, I haven't looked into induced labor and eating/drinking that much, however my thoughts would be that it wouldn't matter unless you ended up needed a C-section and being induced does increase your chances of needing one, however I don't know that it increases your chances of needing an emergency one where they have to give you general anesthesia instead of just numbing you from the waist down. Even if you did end up needing an emergency c-section, I feel the risk of aspirating if you have eaten/drunk anything is pretty low. However the hospital may have a policy against it just to cover their butts in case anything did go wrong, which I think is the case with my hospital. As I understand it, anyone who delivers with an OB at my hospital, whether they are high-risk in any way or not, would not be allowed to eat/drink. Since I plan to see the midwives, they won't have a problem with it, and like I mentioned, last time when I ended up being transferred to an OB for Pre-e, I just had my DH sneak me juice when the nurse wasn't looking.

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Have you been taking a cal/mag supplement? That is supposed to help with pre-e. I took one with my second and this one as well and so far so good!
Good that you can eat/drink with the midwives. Hopefully you can sneak juice if you need too. Wink