My appt today..

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My appt today..

Well, it was one of those short boring appts that happen nowadays. She checked the heartbeat, measured me (I'm at 25, which is right on) and then got down to business:

I'm severely dehydrated AGAIN. My last appt was fine, this one was the worst one so far. She was debating sending me down to L&D for fluid. In the end, she didn't, but she told me for my weight, I need to be drinking 11 bottles of water a day.

That's not happening. My last appt I had made it to about four bottles a day and she said I was fine. So I'll need to get back to that (I'm currently at two). Not only am I not a big fan of water, but I'm just never thirsty. I don't ever really *think* to drink something, unless it's with a meal. I'm going to start having to force water down, even when I'm not thirsty. DH is mad at me - I thought he'd be all sympathetic, but since it's *his* baby too, he's not happy that I'm not taking care of myself.

I told her that I am STILL having m/s, so she prescribed me some Phenergan. Which is great, but it puts me to sleep, so I'll only be able to take it at night time. She told me I'm still not eating enough protein, but it's not as bad as it was. Then she said I get a 3D ultrasound at my next appt (Jan 16th) so they can look for cleft palate and...something else. I didn't know I got a 3D ultrasound, so that's kind of exciting. But I think it's only of her face.

THEN, they gave me that glucose stuff to drink. I got to pick between fruit punch and orange...and since I don't like orange ANYTHING, I picked fruit punch. It wasn't horrible. It was sweet, yes...but it just tasted like Kool-Aid. I didn't know I only had five minutes to get it down though, so I had to drink quickly. Then I just sat around and played on Facebook for an hour. I didn't ever get feeling bad (although, I thought I might throw it up, but I didn't)...when it was all done, I could use a nap, but I think that's because I sat in a dim corner of the office with no one else in there trying not to fall asleep. On the way home, though, my stomach started bothering me (again) so I got something to eat and I got a soda. I know I know...I just got a big warning, but I had a bottle of water in the car and I just needed a pick me up to get me home because I was swiftly becoming EXHAUSTED. So, I just drank about 1/4 of the soda and then switched to my water, but it helped me get home and once I got here, I didn't feel so icky anymore. So all in all, the test wasn't horrible. I hope I pass...having diabetes - gestational or not - would really freak me out.

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Sounds like a good appointment over all! Smile Re: the water - would you be able to drink it if you added some of those flavor drops or flavor packs they have out there? I don't like them because they are sweet and drinking sweet stuff is not refreshing to me, but I think other people like them. The one piece of good news is that diabetes is supposed to make you thirsty, so maybe that's a good sign that you don't have it. I haven't noticed being thirstier than usual, but I drink a TON of water under normal circumstances, so that probably helps.

That is super exciting about the 3D u/s. Maybe you can ask her to take an extra peak at the sex while you're in there so you can put your mind at ease.

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Sounds like a good appointment overall. I didn't know they offered you different flavors. That's nice to have options. You will have to share the 3D photo when you get it! Lucky! I won't get to see my guy again until he's here.

Alissa, you've freaked me out about the thirstyness. I'm always thirsty too. First thing I do in the morning is pour a glass of water.

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Haha, sorry Elizabeth! I don't think that's a sure sign or anything. I'm not diabetic when I'm not pregnant and being diabetic when I'm pregnant doesn't seem to change my thirst levels. Also, I think many preggos are more thirsty anyway because your blood volume is expanding and whatnot. But I have heard that increased thirst is a sign, so who knows.

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Glad things went well overall. I keep my waterbottle filled and near me all day and try to take sips periodically-it helps me to drink enough even if I am not feeling thirsty.

Elizabeth, I am always thirsty in the morning too and I have never had diabetes, gestational or otherwise so it doesn't necessarily mean you have it at all, it just can be a symptom of it.

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I swore I replied to this. Anyway, if you hate water, I wouldn't stress too much about it. Just drink whatever you like. Maybe get some of those mix in packets to flavor the water. It'll do the trick.

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I don't like water that much either but I was forced into it... My OB can have a really mean face when she gets serious. LOL! I still love her though! Smile I was thinking of buying to flavor things for the water this weekend. Just to add to a couple of bottles throughout the day to make my life a little happier!
Glad the appt went well!!