My awesome appt today

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My awesome appt today

Okay, that's really misleading. It was super boring. I got there, the waiting room was PACKED, but I was seeing the MW and I guess the other's were waiting on an OB. They took me right in, peed in a cup (I peeked at it, it wasn't too dark so I figured I was good on the dehydration issue), got weighed (I gained weight! 2lbs, so now I'm down a total of 15 from pre pregnancy) and my BP was 117/77, so that was good too. She came in, I asked about my pain in my "down there" area.. (I did manage to not call it a hoo-hah in front of her LMAO). She said - everything is swollen right now and since she's head down and I'm fat (well, she didn't say "Fat" but ...whatever the scientific word is) it's gonna be uncomfortable, but that it's completely normal. She also said I may be getting varicose veins down there (gross, but someone on here mentioned that) and that might be the issue as well. Any who, whatever it is - she's not concerned and as it's not a PAINFUL pain, just more sore and uncomfortable, I'll try to not be concerned with it as well. She took a heartbeat reading, measured my uterus...told me the baby's butt is where I thought it was (baby does butt jiggles in the afternoon and it makes me laugh) and that was that.

It took all of 3 minutes.

Then I stopped at McDonalds. Can I just say that I haven't had a hamburger since two weeks before halloween? They were making me very sick to my stomach and then I found out that my gall bladder might not be doing it's job like it should so I've pretty much cut out ground beef altogether. But man when those cravings hit, and you start salivating just thinking about it? Yeah, had to get one. OMG it was SO FREAKIN GOOD. We'll see if I'm still saying that later...

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YAY for an uneventful appointment!!

So you're officially every 2 weeks now, right? I think you have been for 2 weeks already...

I'm sooo with ya on the cheeseburger thing! ROFL Luurve me some Micky D's! Biggrin

Almost time!!! Biggrin

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Yay for a good appt. I have a vulvar support belt ( I think I posted the link) that I do not use and would be glad to mail you. I always wore over underwear and spandex... Let me know

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Yay for good uneventful appts!!!! Getting so close now.

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Glad you had a good appointment! Its awesome that you know exactly where the baby is. My friend always could tell me too, but I have no idea how my little guy is positioned.

I have been craving fast food lately too. A burger sounds good and I never eat burgers.

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Hooray for being able to eat a cheeseburger! It's also great that you put on a few pounds, I think that's a great sign.

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Yay for a good, uneventful appointment (although OMG about possibly having varicose veins "down there" - that sounds soooo painful!) I agree, the fact that you have been well enough to gain a little bit of weight sounds like a great sign that you are doing a little bit better. I hope so! You have been through the absolute wringer with this pregnancy.

Mmmmmm, a burger does sound good. I hope you were able to keep it down!

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Aimee, I would be interested. I'd try anything lately ...ughhhh

Adriana, yep, every two weeks now I get to drive 45 minutes for a 2 minute appt! LOL

Alissa, I did keep it down! Yahoo It was sooooo yummy! thought I was about to throw it all back up later, but somehow it went away.

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Jessica, yep, I have varicose veins "down there" as well. Started at about 20 weeks for me. I had it with my second kid too. It's only on one side though and doesn't hurt very often, just sort of annoying. And really really gross looking haha! I was looking at those support thingies on Ebay last night, they're really funny looking!
Aimee where did you get yours?

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Vicki, mine hurts *always* but it's not always a hurt, sometimes it's just sore. But it normally hurts more when I've been still and then move. Such as rolling over in bed or sitting then standing. I haven't looked - the MW told me too, thanks. I was gonna get DH to look but since you said they're gross looking, I think he can stay away as well LOL

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Glad to hear your appointment went well! I have pain "down there" as well, not sure if I have varicose veins or not and don't want to look
, but the pressure is really there.