my bladder is leaky!

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my bladder is leaky!

Sam gave me his cold last week. As I cough, I cannot hold in my pee. Wink

It's annoying, real annoying. I have done so much laundry this week!

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(snicker) Don't you just love this side effect of pregnancy? Lol

I try to keep a towel under me when at home.. but I can't exactly do so at work.. so I have to wear as much black pants as possible.. and a jacket. Smile

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I definitely know this feeling lol except this also happens when I sneeze lol and yes it is so annoying. Smile

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LOL Yes, and unfortunately I feel like it never totally goes back to the way it was before.....ever since I had T, every time I throw up (not that I throw up that much, but you know what I mean) I also pee my pants, making the whole experience twice as fun.

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Alissa - in the beginning of this pregnancy when I would get sick, I had the same experience. I used to hurry up and get a towl on the floor but gave in.. I realized I have tile in the bathroom for a reason.. I can mop it up. lol.. Plus it HURT to try to manage the two "issues" lol!!

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DH and I were in the truck the other day and I sneezed. I immediately knew I had peed a little, I said uh oh. He looked at me..said... you pee? I was like...maybe! LOL

He thinks it's funny.

I don't pee EVERY time I sneeze, so I'm grateful for that.

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Yay, i'm not the only one! Smile
I have decided that come March i'm going to start stocking up on pads for after the baby each time we shop each week and think I might start with the panty liners for this reason.
It doesn't happen a lot but just to be on the safe side I guess. One of the many joys of pregnancy!

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Yep, when I had a cold a few weeks ago it was SO annoying. I'm with Alissa - it really is never the same once you've birthed vaginally. Oh wells!