My crib!

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My crib!

So since I shared it on the May board, I thought I should share here too. I had a really hard time choosing a crib. The architect in me wanted something simple with clean lines and the girl/mom in me wanted a sleigh crib or a jenny lind crib.

Ultimately I went with the simple one. But I'm excited. I like that its grey, since our walls will most likely be white. I was originally going to order it off amazon, but they only have the espresso one in stock now. So yes, I bought something from walmart. Hahaha...

Baby Mod - Modena 3-in-1 Fixed Side Crib, Cool Grey: Nursery Furniture :

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I've never seen one in gray before! I really love it and can't wait to see what your room looks like.

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Looks awesome! I've only seen one grey crib before and thats when we went to register Buy Buy Baby had one, but I love the color. Can't wait to see how the room comes together. And don't feel bad, I think we will be getting our crib too from Wal-Mart unless my mom/dad say no since more then likely they will be buying it.

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I love the gray!!!! I have never seen that before. We went much simpler this time with the crib because I am only 5'3" and DH is 6'4" and once we put the mattress way down on my daughters I can't reach her if she is laying down and I am sitting beside the crib.

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Cute! I can't wait to see your room as well. Sounds like it will be cute!

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Super cute! I bet it's going to look adorable with your travel themed nursery! Love the gray!

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Very cute, I love the color!