My first gift/thing for baby!

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My first gift/thing for baby!

So far I haven't bought anything for this baby. I do need some bigger things - I'd like to get a snap-in stroller frame and a swing, need a new car seat and crib - but would rather wait until we get closer.
Anyway, we surprised my cousin's wife this weekend by throwing her a shower for her first baby... and my cousins and aunts went in on an Arm's Reach Mini Cosleeper for me!!! My mom had asked me about something like that that I needed and I told her that, but I didn't think I was getting it this soon. Yay!
So now I have my first baby #3 item! Wow!!

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Awwwww, how sweet of them to do that. How fun to start getting things for the new baby. Smile

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That's great! I haven't got anything for this baby yet-everyone is waiting to see if its another girl or a boy. The only big ticket item I think we will need is a double stroller but I won't get that till down the road.

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Awesome! That's a great gift too!!

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Wow, you must have been so suprised! That's really nice. Since finding out she's a girl, I've bought a few items of clothing and a small taggie blanket in pink.