My hands stink...

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My hands stink...

I mean there's really no other way to put it. I don't understand. Maybe it's a chemical thing due to pregnancy, but for whatever reason - if I cook with garlic OR onion, my hands smell like garlic or onion for like 3 to 4 days. I've tried soap, dish soap, rubbing metal on them... nothing.

I love the smell of onion, but it starts turning my stomach when I constantly smell it. And it's not even like I was ALL OVER the onion. I held it, to cut it. That was IT. And BAM it's like I'm wearing onion lotion.


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lol at onion lotion!

can you wear a glove to cut up the onion?

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LMAO - I had this exact same issue with my first pregnancy. I carried Bath & Body Works little hand sanitizers around with me used them constantly because it helped. It was so weird.

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How weird! The only other thing I can think of to do is lemon juice. I've never really used it on hands, and that would be awful if your hands are already raw or anything. But it does take the onion smell off of cutting boards, so I assume it would work on skin.

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Never had an issue with smells sticking to my skin! :shock: Onions would probably be top of the list of a smell I would NOT want to stick around! Lol

Smelly good lotion an option? Biggrin

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LOL! I have this problem even when I'm not pregnant. Makes it a lot worse when your sense of smell is heightened. I rub my hands together rapidly when they are dry and then squeeze some lemon on them and then wash. Watch out for papercuts if you are using lemon!

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Adriana, smelly good stuff doesn't do anything but make it smelly good/onion smell which is almost MORE gross LOL

Alissa and Elizabeth, I'll try the lemon, thanks!

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Hmm, never had that problem. I hope the lemon juice works for you. Good luck!!

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We keep latex/nitrile gloves around for chopping onions.