My last appointment

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My last appointment

So I went to the midwife on Friday for my 33 week appt. I am still measuring 2 weeks behind. It wasn't bothering me until now. I think my actual due date based on ovulation tracking is actually the 22nd. I know Im small but there is a slight worry going on in my head.

It did not help that when she listened for the heartbeat this time, her face looked concerned. She said it was 126 and then kept poking my belly to make him move. She also told me to be more aware of his movements and call if they seem reduced. Anyways, her face just looked a bit concerned so I didnt like it. I read when I got home the normal range of fetal heart rates are between 120-180. So his was on the low end.

Anyone else have a tiny baby with a slow heart rate? He has been super active all weekend, so thats good.

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I have been going to twice a week NST's and we are hooked up to that dang monitor for 40 minutes sometimes.

Jr's heartrate sometimes goes down in the 120's for a few minutes while he is in "nap mode" but as soon as he gets moving his HR goes back up to the 140's.

I can see if you catch the low point on the quick Doppler then it would be a little concerning, but you are only getting a snapshot of what is happening in there.

Maybe request a NST? this may ease your mind!

My fundal measurements have me 4 weeks ahead and the baby is right on schedule at the 50% in growth by u/s. Lot's of factors go into those measurements and your baby may not even be small.

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I have a hard time believing a tape measure on the outside of the belly can accurately tell us anything. Emma's HR has been on the lower end at some appts though, like Cristan said, it's just a small snap shot. It's so hard not to worry though. The worrying for me actually gets worse the closer I get. I just keep thinking, if she were out of my belly, I could watch her, maybe control things a bit more. It's silly.

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I agree with Joan, it's hard for me to believe that measuring the outside of the belly with a tape measure is that exact of a science (that doesn't mean that I don't take my own advice and not freak out when I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead, but still....:lol:)

My doctor always tells me that those measurements should typically be within + or - two weeks, so if you are measuring 2 weeks behind, that is still within the normal range.

The heartbeat thing would freak me out too, but I think that as long as you are still feeling regular movement then your little guy is probably fine. If you were to notice a decrease, I bet they would do an NST on you, which is no big deal. They just strap monitors to your tummy and check for movement and heartbeat. So, don't drive yourself nuts, but maybe do try to be cognizant of his movements so you know what is normal for him and can tell if it slows down.

(((Hugs))) Sorry that you are feeling a bit worried. I totally understand and would worry too, but I really do think it's fine. (((Hugs)))

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I also agree on the tape measure and size thing.. I have been ahead on the tape measure but it is due to the high fluid. So he says that makes total sense. With my daughter I had an u/s a week before to see if my placenta moved enough and they told me some measurement and it was off a ton when I had her a week later. I forget the exact difference... also my cousin a few months ago had an estimate of a 9 lb baby so they actually induced her after only 2 days late and when she had her she just broke 7 lbs

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I, like everyone else, don't think that a measuring tape does anyone justice. I mean, I know they're measuring the uterus, but when I look at people's bellies, some look WAY bigger than mine... so I'm thinking they'd be measuring WAY ahead of me, but they aren't? And, Julie's heartbeat is always between 130 and 140 at the doc, usually like 133, so if your little boy is at 126, I wouldn't worry about it.

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Boys do generally have the lower heartbeats. My baby is usually between 140 and 155.
I measured normal w/ DS but then two different visits I measured a little small so the midwife sent me for an u/s just to make sure he was growing alright and he was. His measurements were right on so I just measured small.
If you're concerned, do you think they would give you another u/s? Then you could be hooked up for awhile and they could look at his hb and his growth and see where he is.

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Next time your in at the dr, and they check the heartbeat if its low again, maybe you could request having it checked again a few minuets later or something and see if there is a difference. I would also think that if the dr was that concerned she would have requested an ultrasound or something just to double check.

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Thanks ladies. Yeah it was mainly the heart rate that worried me. I need to find my doppler so I can check it myself. He is always on the move, so that makes me feel better.

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sorry she got you all worried! I can't really help with the Hb question, but I measured behind with DS3 (3 weeks behind by my last appointment at 38 weeks) and he was born at 38+5 at a nice, healthy 6lbs 14oz. I have very little belly fat and tend to carry low, both of which contribute to measuring smaller.
I'm glad baby is nice and active!

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Hi Elizabeth! I keep checking in on you - I'm sorry you're in a rough spot lately with your emotions and this last appointment. Sad

Find your doppler - measure the HB. Then take a soda, or something really sweet, drink it and measure the HB a second time - baby should move around a lot more and the HB should go up. I'm sure he was just sleepy and relaxing!

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Virginia and Mel! :wavehello:

Yes!! I forgot to update! I found my doppler and the heartbeat was ranging between 138-144. He must have just been napping. And thanks for mentioning the whole carrying low thing...I AM carrying super low. So I guess its not helping me in the fundal height department. I less worried now, he's still a wiggly guy, so that always helps!

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Sounds like everything is looking A-Ok! Biggrin Glad you got the doppler to help out with any worries.

:director: Be nice to your mommy, little man! Smile