My meds...

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My meds...

The MW said she was gonna call me in a 'script for Phenergan, which makes me WAY sleepy, but..whatever, it works for the tummy. I get to the pharmacy and they hand me this liquid. The pharmacy tech said the MW had called in dissolvable tablets, but they don't carry those, so she called the MW and the MW said give me liquid.

Um, GROSS! I don't know why she'd give me dissolvable or liquid anyway, the pills do just fine... unless she thinks maybe they won't make me sleepy??

THEN, the tech tells me she also called me in suppositories.

So, I took the liquid...and told 'em to hang on to the suppositories. That must be some hard core stomach relief right there!

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I can't believe you are still goodness!! That totally stinks! I hope this makes you feel better!! :bighug:

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I hope that it makes you feel better. Is the liquid easier to digest maybe?

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I can't believe you still have morning sickness. I'm so sorry. Maybe they gave you liquid and suppositories because pills are harder for people to swallow? I still gag a bit when I take my prenatal...and I still gag when I brush my teeth, I have a fear that will never end. I threw up at on the day I turned 20 weeks. My midwife said you get a new round of hormones around that time and that could be the cause. Surely the 3rd trimester will be your best friend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

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That stinks that you are still having morning sickness. I hope the medication helps and that you feel better by the third tri.