My NT scan...

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My NT scan...

It was a great morning. Our little one was moving soooo much that we had an extra long scan because she had a hard time getting him to co-operate. We saw him/her constantly trying to get his/her hand/thumb in his mouth. I was hoping she would try to tell gender but no such luck... she responded that she was once wrong at an NT scan and vowed not to do it again. Sad we got some great pics though and everything looked real good. His neck measurements were b/n 1.6 & 1.8 which I believe is pretty good. It's just my age at this point that I expect to throw things off... we'll see.

Hb was 165

I will try to post pics in a bit. Smile

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:woohoo: Yay for a great span and getting to spend more time watching your little cutie! It sounds like everything is right on track for a very HH9M and beyond! Congrats, mama! Yahoo

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Yay for a good appt! I didn't have an NT scan, so I'm not sure what the numbers are supposed to be, but if they look good then great!! Sorry you didn't get a peek - she could have said something like she wasn't 100% BUT.. I SO wanna know what mine is. I'm thinking boy because I'm the only girl and DH doesn't have any girls in his family so.. but I secretly hope for a girl Smile

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Sounds like a great appointment! Looking forward to the pics!

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Sounds like a great appointment, I'm glad everything is going well!

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awesome!!!! glad all is well!!!!

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Those are awesome measurements! Congrats on your wiggly baby. Smile