My pillow got swiped!

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My pillow got swiped!

I'm all trying to go to sleep and Julie just would not stop fussing. I sat up and propped her against the pillow, just so I could get off the couch (it's hard to get off this couch!) ..I go to grab her and she's out! Thief. lol.

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I'm sorry she stole your pillow...but...she is so stinkin cute! Smile

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LOL Little stinker! What a cutie!

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Oh, that's so cute! Maybe you should invest in one of those infant lounge pillows. Maybe that's your key to getting her to sleep well!

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Joan, what's an infant lounge pillow?

She only slept up against the pillow for about...5 minutes LOL I looked over there and she had her eyes WIDE open, just looking around.

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So cute. I can't think of the name of the sleep thing someone suggested with my DD but it was contour shaped and they swore by it

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hehe too cute!

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Lol Go on Julie! Wink What a beauty!

Bram is good with the boppy! Smile

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Aww, cute!

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how cute

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"babywings1" wrote:

Joan, what's an infant lounge pillow?

They're pillows designed to cradle a little baby and hold them in place. Boppy makes one.

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Too funny!! She looks comfy and as sweet as can be!