My shopping trip...

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My shopping trip...

Okay, it's apparent to me that I'm completely over being pregnant. I went to Wal-Mart today to pick up snacks and a book for the hospital stay.

Bad idea.

I don't hate on the people using those electric carts, I mean if ya gotta use 'em, ya gotta use 'em, but seriously? JUST because you're in one doesn't mean you get to go first or cut in front or stop in the middle of the aisle so no one can get around you. I'm in pain when I walk more than a few feet. And there were like ...50 of these people in these carts all up IN THE WAY. THEN, some dumb@ss made a mention of my stomach and how huge it is. Except it kind of went like this:

Him (I have no idea who he was): Wow.
Me: (Just looked at him, he was standing where I needed to get, OF COURSE)
Him: I hope you're pregnant.


Me: I am. Nine months. Was due 5 days ago. Can I please get there?
Him: Don't have to be rude, lady.
Me: I do have to have be rude. You're insinuating that if I'm not pregnant, then I'm really fat. What if I am really fat? What's it to you? That was rude of YOU to even say.

I mean...seriously... I hope you're pregnant?? That plus those people blocking all the aisle had really pushed my buttons. THEN, I was leaving. I'm driving DH's truck still and some ***** pulls up behind me as I'm trying to back out to talk to the people in the car beside me. I sat there stewing a few seconds. Then I honked. Then I leaned my head out the window and he moved his hand like...he'll just be a second.. so I started to back up anyway.

He moved.

Yep, little Julie. Time to get out now! Mom's going crazy!

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I know it was not funny to you but your description had me rolling laughing... Julie your momma needs you and her sanity

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HE was the rude one, I don't think you were rude at all. I can't believe anyone would say that to someone else anyway! What a rude ***!

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I so wish I could speak my mind like you. You lady are my hero today!

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Ugh how rude, who says that? A guy. A STUPID GUY says that. Good for you for putting him in his place.

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I love it.... you had me rolling girl because I have SOOOO been there w/ people lately!

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Wow, who says that????? On the other hand, woohoo, tonight is the night!

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What is wrong with people? I think you handled it just fine, because I would of done the same thing. Stupid men!