My Showers (Pics!)

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My Showers (Pics!)

So since I had two showers two weekends in a row, I thought I would wait to post pics until both of them were done. The first shower was really great - a good group of women from my church came and it was great to just hang out and stuff. I specifically requested games and unfortunately the girl who was going to be in charge of them was sick and couldn't come which was really sad (she's my pastor's wife and just awesome). BUT the games did go on!

Game One:

Game Two - you had a few minutes to look at the items on the tray and then it was taken away and you had to write down as many as you could think of.

Game Three - make a baby out of Play Doh. I was the judge and these two won (the one on the right was the host and she didn't want a prize)

The three pregnant women in our church - due a week after me on the left, due 3/31 on the right

The cake had half of the inside with pink icing and half with blue!

I got a lot of bath items - [towels, washcloths, shampoo wipes etc. most of which I can use but I was surprised at the people who didn't buy off my registry. Sad I did get a couple things from there though - the Brica baby mirror (gave mine away) and the Sleep Sheep, a nice thick hooded towel (got two of them) and some gift cards and such.

Then the second shower is the one we had to go to my parents' house for. My mom threw it and it really wasn't much. Five people came, two of which I don't know really well and just stopped over briefly, one was my aunt, and then the other was a friend from high school I hadn't seen in years and her grandmother. It wasn't really a shower in that people came in waves and I did open gifts but it really wasn't a big deal - no games or formalities or anything. My mom isn't that kind of person anyway. But it was really nice to see an old friend who I didn't know was coming and her two kids are the same ages as mine and they played really well together.

Diaper cake and favors (little baby powder scented candles)

My kiddos:

Again, got a lot of wipes, some diapers this time, gift cards etc.

All in all it was nice of my mom to do something for me, really if she had just had my friend over unexpectedly it would have been fine but anyway. And as long as she knows I'm happy and had a good time, she's happy too.

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Sounds like overall nice times at both. When games are new fun ones at showers I love it. Same old bingo gets me bored

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Looks like both showers were wonderful!!!!

And sounds like something is in the water at church! Lol

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Looks like a lot of fun! And a lot of yummy food in that first picture. I am curious why washcloths are like the #1 gift people buy off the registry. I'm so glad I didn't register for any because I have like 60 of them. I plan to use half of them for cloth wipes.

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Awesome and the food looked yummy Smile

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I am totally drooling over the food pics from the first shower, lol! I didn't have a shower which I don't need anything, but now I wish I had one just to have some cake! With both my pregnancies there were like 3-4 other ladies from my church pregnant at the same time as well. It was fun to compare stories, commiserate over symptoms, etc. The games look like they were really fun too!

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Looks like you had a nice time at both. And the food looks super yummy!!!!!!!

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The food *was* super yummy - especially the breakfast casserole one of the women made!!

Elizabeth, I didn't even register for washcloths. Honestly, I never used more than 4-5 of mine. You do tend to use two per bath but I don't mind reusing a few times before I wash them. The good thing is, I've built up so many that yes, you can use them as cloth wipes. I got a pack of 12 washcloths and returned them but I got another pack with three that are really nice terry cloth that I think I'll keep.
Oh another trend at my showers were rubber ducks. I got the temperature one (already have one) and a pack of three little ones, then at my other shower I got another individual one and another three pack! What's with that?

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Sounds like some really fun baby showers! Glad everything went well! Smile