My Sucky Memorial Day Weekend

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My Sucky Memorial Day Weekend

**warning - vent ahead**
So Saturday DH was messing with the hose outside and the spigot came out of the wall and water came pouring out of the house!! After some frantic running around, swearing, being generally mad at each other, and calling my Dad, we found the turn off, called a handyman, and he had it glued up and the water back on by dinner time.
Things were fine until Sunday night when I noticed that there was no hot water. In looking for the switch to turn the water off, I had actually turned off the gas to the hot water heater instead. By this time, my parents were here and my dad and DH tried to re-light the water heater but it wasn't working.
Then on Monday morning DH heard some water running in the wall and they found a leak in the pipe that the guy had "fixed" that he'll have to come back and fix tomorrow, while it sits and leaks outside and costs us money.
Then they tried working on the water heater again. We got it re-lit and thought things were fine but then went back out and it had went out again and they couldn't get it back on again. So all today DH and my Dad have been working on the stupid water heater, trying to get it back on.
And I'm stuck inside with my Mom, who, if you remember from before, I don't get along well with. Well, it's not like we fight but I don't relate to her and struggle to enjoy her company when we're together.
One plus is she boiled water and washed a bunch of dishes so I don't have a ton of dirty dishes right now!

I'm SOO bored and really wish they would get this done and fixed so I'm not just stuck inside with my mom all day... Sad

Feel free to share what you've been doing this weekend! I could use a happy story!!

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That sounds like a mess of a day! I hope they got it fixed and that your mom didn't drive you completely crazy!!

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After all that, the guy who came back to fix the water leak said our local gas company will turn the water heater on for free because they don't want people messing with gas. :rolleyes: All that work for nothing! At least my dad is SUPER easy going and likes projects like that.

So today I need to go shopping but I have to stay home for now because the guy is in and out fixing our water leak and I have to be here for the people to fix the water heater.
So we have no water at all at the moment ha!

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Oh man what an ordeal. Glad its getting repaired! Sorry you have to hang with your mom, but hey clean dishes sound awesome.

We had a pretty boring weekend. But it was good to get some rest. We had some visitors, had lunch with dh's family, and visited my brother's baby in the hospital.