My U/S and appointment

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My U/S and appointment

I had my follow up u/s to check out my placenta and my 32 week appointment today back to back. My placenta has moved up far enough so I no longer have a marginal previa, so no worries about a c-section for that, yay! Got to see my little girl on the u/s which was nice-it makes it seem more real that there is a baby in there and not just some little alien that likes to kick my guts, lol! Baby is head down too so I'm happy she is in the right position-I thought she was, but I am not very good at identifying baby parts so I wasn't 100% sure.

My appointment went well, I only gained 2 lbs. in the last 4 weeks so I was happy about that since I feel like I've been eating a ton of junk lately. Baby was measuring 32 weeks and my blood pressure was also good and the labs they drew last time all came back with good results. I reviewed my hospital's policy on various things with the midwife that was on call today since its been a couple years. She was helpful, the only thing I didn't like was that she is also a midwife for another hospital that I am not planning to deliver at so she spent a lot of time telling me about how things were done at this other hospital and encouraging me to check it out. I finally told her that I was planning to stick with my original hospital as I am not going to mess with figuring out how to get to the other hospital and seeing if my insurance would cover me at that one when I am already familiar with my hospital, plus at her other hospital they separate the mothers and babies while the mother is getting settled into her postpartem room, whereas at my hospital they don't as they don't have a nursery - unnecessary separation would be a major problem for me so I am good with my choice, thanks. I go back in 2 weeks for my next appointment, I'm going to see if I can find my old birth plan and tweak it to go over with the midwife at that appointment.

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It sounds like a great appointment. Did you get any good u/s pics?

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Woohoo for a good appt! Gosh can you believe you're going over your BIRTH PLAN?? Seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant...

I'm glad you stuck up for yourself in saying you wanted to stick with that hospital.

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All great news! Good thing there is no previa now! How awesome that you got to see your little one! I'm also curious what is on your birth plan. Care to share when you find it?

My midwife made me fill one out that had like 8 basic questions, who I want in the room with me, who (if anyone) I don't want in the room, if I'm having a doula, what her name is, if I want to use the shower or tub during labor, if I want immediate skin to skin, if I plan to breastfeed, and if we are circ'ing. I'm supposed to write a more detailed one and give it to my doula. I guess I need to google "birth plan" to see if there is a good template out there.

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Sounds like a great appointment. Yay for getting to see your little girl, and for finding out that your placenta has now moved out of the way. I'm glad that you stood your ground about your hospital; probably no sense in changing if you already know that you like your current hospital and you like how they do things.

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Congrats on the placenta moving!! Smile I know that was a small concern in the back of your mind. Smile I bet it was exciting to see your baby girl again! Won't be long now. Biggrin

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Elizabeth, I found the birth plan I made the first time and am copying it below-it is pretty long so I actually want to cut it down quite a bit this time-I know what I want and I know what things the hospital will do as a matter of policy and which things I may have to argue with them on, so I hope to keep it pretty short-I will probably keep the long version for my DH to refer to, but won't give so much info to the medical personnel this time. There are lots of birth plans on the internet, I think I compiled this one from viewing several and picking the things that seemed important to me to mention.

Overview: We are hoping to have a labor and delivery without medication and with as little medical intervention as possible. Our birth plan reflects our optimal labor and delivery, however we realize that giving birth is an unpredictable event and will be flexible as the situation warrants. We would like to be consulted about and asked for our consent before any non-emergency medical procedure is performed. Please suggest natural alternatives first whenever possible. We thank you for taking the time to go over our birth plan, and appreciate your help in getting our new family off to great start.
Birth Team:
• Essential medical personnel only please-no residents, trainees or other non-essential personnel.
• Father will be present at all times
• April Younker (Rebecca’s mother) will be present at all times (once she arrives at hospital)
• Also to be allowed present at all times: Randy Younker (Rebecca’s father) Sarah Younker (Rebecca’s sister), Elizabeth Younker (Rebecca’s sister), and Michael Younker (Rebecca’s brother). If there is a policy limiting how many visitors may be present in the room at any given time, we request that the above listed people be allowed to switch with each other at their or our request.

• Would like to play music, noise kept to a minimum, want to take photographs

First Stage Labor:
• No internal vaginal exams unless I request them.
• FHR monitored by intermittent monitoring or telemetry (portable) only as required by condition of the baby; no internal monitors or continuous monitoring please. Request that any monitoring done does not require me to lie on my back during contractions.
• Prefer no IV, if one is necessary, request a heparin lock.
• Prefer to drink/eat during labor as needed.
• I will need freedom to walk/move around and labor in a variety of positions at will throughout labor and delivery.
• I would like to use a birthing tub during labor. I would also like access to a birth ball, squatting bar and rocking chair if available.
• No augmentation of labor such as pitocin, amniotomy, or stripping of membranes unless non-medical techniques for augmentation of labor are not effective-please discuss prior to implementation. I would like no time limits on labor as long as baby and I are fine.
• Please do not offer pain medications-I will ask for them if I need them.

Second Stage Labor:
• Offer internal exam to make sure I am safe to start pushing once transition occurs
• Spontaneous pushing
• Would like option to give birth in birthing tub if allowed by hospital policy. Alternatively, I prefer to choose a position I feel comfortable in to push-this may be squatting or kneeling. Please encourage me to try various positions if pushing is not progressing effectively
• No time limits on pushing as long as baby and I are fine
• No episiotomy, tearing is preferable to episiotomy. Please use warm compresses, massage and lubricant to avoid/minimize tearing. Please coach me to push out baby’s head slowly to allow time for perineum to stretch
• Please encourage me to touch baby’s head as it begins to crown
• Want to avoid assisted delivery but if necessary, prefer forceps to suction

• Please place baby on my chest immediately after birth or as soon as possible
• Would like to nurse immediately after birth, request assistance with this
• Father would like to cut the cord, please delay cord cutting until cord stops pulsing
• Prefer no post-delivery pitocin. Please offer to let us see the placenta
• If stitching of perineum is necessary, please use local anesthetic

Newborn Care:
• Please delay newborn procedures until we have had time to bond with our baby
• Baby to stay with parents at all times-newborn procedures to be done in our presence. Please explain all procedures to us
• We DO NOT consent to the Hep. B vaccine
• No artificial nipples, pacifier, formula, or water- we are breastfeeding
• We are expecting a girl, however if we get surprised and the baby is a boy, we request circumcision

In the Event a Cesarean Deliver Becomes Necessary:
• I would like my husband and mother (if arrived) to be present with me at all times during the birth
• Prefer to be awake, hands not to be tied down unless I am physically unable to control them
• Would still like to touch/hold baby immediately after birth if I am awake
• If I am unable to, would like father to have immediate skin to skin contact with baby.
• Father to stay with baby at all times after birth. Would like my mother to remain with me at all times until I am out of recovery.
• Would like to nurse baby as soon as possible after birth.

Newborn Care:
• Please delay newborn procedures until we have had time to bond with our baby
• Baby to stay with parents at all times-newborn procedures to be done in our presence. Please explain all procedures to us
• We DO NOT consent to the Hep. B vaccine
• No artificial nipples, pacifier, formula, or water
• We are expecting a girl, however if we get surprised and the baby is a boy, we request circumcision

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It's always reassuring to see the little ones on the ultrasound. And who hoo for your placenta moving!!!!

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Congrats on your placenta moving!!! Not much longer!!! Smile I bet you are sooo excited! Smile

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Awesome thanks! I found one online today and filled it out and try to save it as a pdf and it lost all my info. But looking at yours there are a couple of good questions that it had left out anyway! Especially the IV/heplock one. I really really don't want an IV unless absolutely necessary. So here's hoping to a negative GBS test!