Be my Valentine?

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Be my Valentine?

Okay, so we're not discussing names with anyone in real life, but you guys won't tell anyone, will you? Smile

DH and I have decided on the first name of Reid, but we are having a hard time agreeing on a middle name. DH really wants the middle name to be Valentine because that was his grandpa's middle name. They were really close before he died, so DH wants to honor him in that way, and also he thinks that Valentine is a "kick ***" name. I don't really get that, but I mentioned the name "Valentine" to my brother and dad when I thought we definitely weren't going to use it and they both said it's an awesome name. I have no idea why, but I suspect because it kind of sounds like an old school Italian gangster's name or something. LOL Anyway, I'm thinking about going ahead with Reid Valentine because DH said it was important to him to honor his grandpa. But then I feel like Valentine is kind of a weird name, and kids at school might tease him about it. I don't know. Do you guys think that Reid Valentine is too out there?

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Love the name Reid!!! Valentine is a unique middle name, but I think its pretty cool. Kids will be kids, you can never be sure what they will come up with to make fun of other kids. I say go with it. It has special meaning and its truly a cool name. I also like the pairing of a one syllable first name and a 3 syllable middle name.

Our kid will have a weird middle name too, his name will be Henry Arnone. Pronounced Ar-Known. Arnone is DH's mothers maiden name and no one continued the Arnone line, so DH thought it would be nice to use it. I worry that people will mess it up sometimes but eh its a middle name and not nearly as complicated as my maiden name, which is polish and sounds wild.

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I like Reid and I think valentine is fine too. No one really goes by the middle name and that is not really one you would use on a common basis that people would hear.

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Thanks ladies. That makes me feel better about it. I don't hate it, I just don't know if it's too weird. LOL I agree that no one really goes by their middle names anyway, so it's probably not worth stressing over.

Elizabeth - I like the name Henry Arnone. It flows very well, and Arnone is different, but not too different that it seems strange. I really like it.

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I say you can be more creative with middle names. And it'll make him stronger in school, like the boy named Sue. Wink
But I like that there's meaning behind it - that makes it cool.
I'm sure you'll get people asking if he was born on Valentine's Day though. People ask if our daughter was born at Christmas time but no, we just like the name. Smile

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When my brother's 4th daughter was born they thought of the name Tess. My SIL likes "different" middle names so my one sister suggested "Tickle". My brother was telling everyone everyone that my sister wanted them to name the baby "Tess Tickle". He did that for 2 days until telling the Bishop of our church the name and it finally clicked in... ROFL Megan Eddean is now 21 Biggrin The name Tess thrown out the window. They should have used the name Tess Tickle as it would have been the closet they would get to a boy, they have 6 girls lol. First 2 grandchildren were boys and now 4 granddaughters Biggrin

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Ohhh I love the name Reid! I think you have the same issue with Valentine as I do with Frances. I don't "hate" it - but mine is old school while yours is....well... Valentine. Everyone has told me my kid is going to get joked at school, but it's honoring DH's dad (and in your case, DH's grandpa) so.. I say go for it. I like the way it sounds together, too.
Besides, if Reid DOES get joked at school, he needs to hint around that Valentine is the mafia's name. LMAO

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I would go with it if I were you, since it means so much to your DH. It's not too odd and he definitely won't be the kid with the oddest middle name. I think it sounds pretty cool too.

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I kind of like it. It's different. I too like you would worry about the teasing from kids in school, but as others have is just a middle name and not really used in school anyway. So unless someone asks him about it, no one will ever really know. And as he gets older and learns the meaning behind it, he will have a strong sense of family and be proud to carry the name. Smile

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Reid! Valentine is different but I kind of like it and I get the whole using a name for sentimental reasons, Miles middle name (as you all know) is Patrick which was my dads name. The middle name will VERY rarely be used during school. I HATE my middle name (not so much by itself but along with my first name) and there were very few who knew what it was growing up unless I told them so I wouldnt worry about that too much. Besides, it does kind of sound like an oldschool gangster name which is kind of bada$$! LOL