My weekend..... AND a poop question! yay!

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My weekend..... AND a poop question! yay!

So... DH and I went out last night. My BIL and his fiancee babysat Julie overnight. I may have cried like four times during the night because I missed her... Night ended up being a total bust. We were too tired to do anything - we went to a bar for DH's friends bday, plus I used to have an AWESOME time going, so I was super excited (I even put on makeup which I haven't done in like...5 months LOL). My stomach ended up hurting before we got there, plus I had a headache. We got there early, so it was dark and no music and DH got me a beer and I sipped a little... and I was ready for bed LMAO I'm such a party animal. I was upset though - I know my life has changed but I was so looking forward to having a few drinks and dancing and .. yeah, I just wanted my baby and bed when we got there. We ended up coming home ( we still left the baby at BIL's house) and we crashed as soon as we got home. This morning we go to pick up the baby and....

The fiancee said that Julie ate 12 ounces of formula right when we dropped her off. Seriously?? 12?? I mean, I know she'll eat it because she loves to eat, but she's good with 5oz and a few burps. I guess they figured everytime she cried - feed her. Um, no. Then she said that Julie didn't sleep at all until this morning. So, we picked her up and came on home.

Anyway, my poop question - most times Julie's poops are yellow. Sometimes seedy (which is really really gross to me for some reason, I'd rather deal with any other poop than those seeds.) But sometimes it's green. She's formula fed, but I've read they should still always be yellow or tan. Soo..what's the green poop?

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If I had an overnight sitter, I would much rather sleep than go to a bar, lol! It sounds like her night was pretty crazy though. Hopefully it doesn't take long for her to recover from being up all night!

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Sorry you didn't have that great of a time. Sad Ha, I think the first time we went out after T was born, we went to a movie and I fell asleep!

That's kind of funny about your friend feeding Julie that huge bottle. Maybe that's why her poop is green. I think that typically happens when their tummy is a little upset (at least with breastfed babies) so maybe eating so much at once was just a little more than her tummy could handle. I would say that as long as she's acting okay and it goes back to normal in a day or so, and she doesn't have a fever, it's probably ok.

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Rylees poops stayed yellow and seedy for about two weeks. They have been green ever since and I remember it being the same with DD. I think breast fed may be different but the green is normal.

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Bram's poo is still seedy and yellow.. should it be green?? :huh:

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Kylies is pretty much seedy and yellow as well. But sometimes it's more green as well. I agree as long as she is pooping, no fever and seems to be acting like her normal self I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Yay for a night out, even though it didn't turn out as you wanted. Maybe next time?

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I looked it up after all our questions and it says it can be yellow, tan, shades of green but as long as pooping and soft all normal!!!

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Well good for you for trying to get out. Sorry you couldn't enjoy it as much. It will get easier as Julie gets older I'm sure. I'm dying to have a glass of wine or a beer. I'm still taking tons of pain meds for my tear, otherwise I'd have a sip or 4. Hahaha.

And OMG about the 12 oz bottle. It's crazy she took it all without spitting it back up. Not sure about the poops, but sounds like the other ladies think its normal.