My weekly check up...

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My weekly check up...

So I went today and they did my u/s... Baby is now in the 66th percentile at 3 lbs 13 oz... She was in the 70 something a couple weeks ago so she is leveling off which is good. My fluid is also down from 25.8 last week to 19.8 today. He said that is normal for it to fluctuate and why they don't get too worried about it when it happens but I still have to go every week!

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I have never understood how they weigh something inside you I'm glad your appt went well - Ive read that the fluid diminishes as the baby gets bigger. When are you due?

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Sounds like a good appt! I had my U/S yesterday as well and little man was estimated at 3lb 8 oz my fluid was 19 as well.

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Yay for a good appointment!

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Due date is April 3rd but looking like my c sec will be march 27... Less than 9 weeks YIKES

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How exciting ... we're getting so close!!

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Yay for good appts!!! And less than 9 weeks...what? :eek:

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Glad the appointment went well! Less than 9 weeks, that's going to fly by!

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Yay for a great appointment. Eeeee, we are getting so close now!!!!

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Wow, I can't believe how fast they gain weight! Last I checked, the estimate on my baby is 1.5lbs (according to an app on my phone). Crazy how their weight doubles in just a few weeks!!
Glad your fluid levels went down!