At my wits end...

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At my wits end...

I know most of you BF, but for those of you who FF, are you having any issues??

Julie SCREAMS like someone is stabbing her unless she has a bottle in her mouth. I mean she just can't be soothed. She'll arch her back and pull her legs up and just scream bloody murder. I can't do anything with her. I've tried Similiac Sensitive, Enfamil Gentlease and Gerber Good Start Soothe and... I get nothing.

Sometimes it seems like she can't poop and other times it seems like she's trying to pass gas. I have different bottles, but they're all designed for "gassy" babies. I just don't know what to do. I want my happy baby back!

I've tried gas drops, moving her legs, massaging her tummy...I've also tried prune juice mixed with water. That helps her go, but she doesn't like going when she DOES go.

Sometimes she'll poop and she will SCREAM the whole time (which usually takes about an hour) and then other times when she's having a bottle she'll pass a lot of gas and grunt, but she won't scream because the bottle is in her mouth. I've talked to the pedi and she said that as long as she's pooping (at the time she was going every other day, but blowing out two diapers when she went) that she's not constipated. Which would leave gas, I said sometimes it's not gas she's trying to push out.

Basically if she's not sleeping or eating - she's crying. It bothers me to see her in so much pain!

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Jessica, I am so sorry! My first was similar, he seemed to wake up around 1 month and cried just about all the dang time. He also wanted his bottle ALL THE TIME, which is probably why he was 16lbs by his 2 month check up! YIKES! Does she sleep well? My DS was a terrible sleeper and I think that was part of his problem. He did also have terribly painful gas. If you believe it's a tummy issue and different formulas aren't making a difference, you can try asking her doctor about probiotics. There has been a lot of studies in the past few years that show them to help with babies. We also did some of the happiest baby on the block techniques. They weren't life savers by any means, but they did help us in a pinch to distract him and calm him down for a bit. I know how frustrating and defeating it is, but know the screaming got a lot better after about a month.

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Hugs lady! I agree with Joan about the probiotics. I have Reid on them now because he seemed like he was having tummy issues for a while there too. It's not a quick fix but it is supposed to help their digestive system mature faster which should help in the long run. I'm sorry that you're having such issues! Do you know if the formulas you've tried are all dairy based? Both of my kids have done better when I cut dairy, so I'm wondering if switching to soy could help Julie? It definitely sounds related to tummy troubles to me; they say that when babies nurse constantly it's often because that is the only thing that makes their tummies feel better, so in guessing it could be the same with a ff baby. Does she respond at all to being held facing out with an arm around her tummy? I find that when Reid seems gassy, he likes for me to take him on a walk outside while holding him that way. I think he enjoys the fresh air and change of scenery and having pressure against his tummy makes it feel a little better. I hope that she starts feeling better soon! Poor Julie and poor Mommy! That's hard on everyone!

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It sounds like reflux maybe to me. I know that is exactly how my best friends son was and he was miserable like you said until they treated his reflux. We use the Berber formulas and we find that the soothe actually bothers her a bunch. She was spitting more and had bad gas which was weird to us because we used it thinking it would help all of that. Rylee poops once a day (yesterday 3 but not usually) and she works pretty hard to pass gas sometimes too and I think it's poop and just air!!! I know my best friend had issues because everyone said her son was fine and it would pass. Finally her mom watched him for two hours to give her a break and after those two hours she said you need to get him something to help this is not right. Soy could also be an answer but personally I would do that last because it is missing important amino acids that they cannot get so I would even do the prescription based formula before the soy but that is only my opinion.

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I haven't tried the Probiotics. I will though, I'll try anything! I went to the store today and bought Nutramigen. It's super friggin expensive, but all the dairy proteins are completely broken down and every mom I've talked to that has used it, swears by it. So she had her first bottle of it, it says it helps within 48 hours. Fingers crossed.

Alissa, Julie doesn't like being held tummy out. At all. She does like walks in her stroller and she likes going for rides as well. When I was in the store today, I had this horrible cart that bumped and wiggled and she got this smile on her face like she loved it. *eyeroll*

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First I agree with probiotics being very helpful and they won't hurt so give them a go.

Second most babies who do have a dairy issue manifest between 4 and 6 weeks of age which sounds like what's going on. Also, if that is the issue it can take up to 2 weeks for a breastfed baby to get better, but I'd guess up to a week for a formula fed baby. (mostly because 1 week for mom to get it out of her system and 1 week for baby, total guess though). So don't give up on the nutramigen after 2 days, give it at least a week before you determine it's not helping. My DD was dairy sensitive and it was hard, but she became a different baby after getting her off dairy. I mean night and day (constant colic vs. happiest baby around).

Hang in there!

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I was also going to suggest trying the soy formula as opposed to sensitive. My DSS had the same issues that you are describing Julie has and was also a terrible sleeper. The pedi suggested trying the soy, and within just a couple of days, his fussiness stopped, the screaming stopped, he started sleeping almost through the night(like 6-7 hour stretches). The soy formula is thicker so it fills the belly more and faster than the "regular" formula and will sit in their tummy for longer periods of time.

I hope you are able to find something that works and you get your happy girl back. Good luck!

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Sorry Jessica! I hear ya on the screaming and eating. Sounds like the ladies here have some good suggestions. Are you doing tummy time too? I hear that helps with gas. Also baby massage, there are specific massage techniques to help with gas. Henry loves his baby massage after baths. Also one other suggestion is a chiropractor. But I know people are hestitant to take newborns. Mine is very gentle and just applies pressure to his spine and bottom. But my kiddo is still scraming his head off, but I don't think its gas related.

My pedi told me that if Henry does have colic that I should try gripe water. So if her poops improve and you dont think its a digestive issue, maybe you could try it.