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Sigh! I so wish we could get a name set for this little girl. And it's mostly my fault. LOL
At the beginning DH loved Hannah Marie. I liked the name, just didn't love it. And i'm quickly finding out that there are no names out there that I just love and feel like we need to use.

We went back and forth on some names and then I found the name Kylee and I really liked it. Dh got on board with it and decided he really liked it too. We went a week or so without discussing names and then he comes to me and goes So we are set, her name is going to be Kaylie and I was like where did that come from...wait a second, I kind of like that. :rolleyes:

He says he likes them both but likes Kaylie better and thinks it's easier to say. Me on the other hand keeps throwing the name around in my head to make sure I really like it and half the time find myself saying Kylee. :bonkself:

So, do I try to find something completely different that we both like and agree on, or just figure myself out and choose between the two? I would be happy and ok with naming her either one, but I feel like i'm leaning more towards one than the other. Then I think maybe I should just go with his name decision(because again I really like it as well) and just constantly tell myself over and over again this is her name and by the time she's born, I won't screw it up. Wink

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Haha, I like Hannah and Kaylie a lot. I don't like Kylee as much. But I feel the same way about names; I will love a name and then after awhile I begin to not like it anymore. Fortunately, I still love both my kids' names just as much as I did before we named them so I think I'll be fine. We have some name ideas but nothing set yet; DH is always last minute about names and since my babies are always late, we aren't worried that we won't have a name.

You guys can always go through names again and see if there are any totally different ones that you like; there are lots of names out there!

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I like Kaylie. Kylee is nice too, but I like Kaylie better. I had the opposite reaction as you about names: I had my heart set on Ashley Ryan. (Ryan is my middle name), until DH pointed out that the name, to him, sounded like someone who's going to grow up and be a bi***. Erm..ooookay. But anyway, he sprouted off some names and when he said Julie, I was like...oh! I like that name! But then someone made the mistake of saying Julia, and I MIGHT have over-reacted. I don't like Julia and if DH would have said that instead of Julie, I'd have veto'd it.

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Don't worry, you're closer than we are! I was talking about names with DH over dinner last night, and he had me laughing about why he rejected all of the names I like....but he was still rejecting all the names I like. LOL!

Anyway, between the two, I like Kaylie better too. But if you're not sure about it you still have a couple of months left to think it through. I totally understand wanting to be decided and through (I am soooo ready to have a name picked already myself) but at least there is still time to think about it.

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I actually like Kylee better. I have a friend with a daughter named Keely. So there's another option for ya.

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I think I prefer Kaylie but both are nice. I have a hard time picking names as well, I always have several I like and DH usually rejects most of them and I keep changing my mind once I think I have one picked. In our case, DH will latch onto one of the names I have suggested and then he won't agree to change it anymore so that's what we end up going with.

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Thanks ladies!

I guess I kind of feel like I want her name set now, because we are going to do the wooden letters for her name and want DH to have time to paint them(although he has said he won't do it until her birth certificate is signed because he doesn't trust me not to change my mind again, hmm not sure how I feel about that, hahaha.)
And also because he is going to design the tattoo for her he will be doing for me and her name will be on it. I have a dolphin jumping out of a wave with DS's name underneath it that he did for me. And this one I already have what I want, but he is going to draw it up and have it ready so sometime after she is born he can do the tattoo. So I guess I feel like those are two things that could be done and ready if I could just make up my mind. Sigh...