Names and random things..

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Names and random things..

So, DH sprouted out some names last night and I immediately fell in love with one of them. Julie. Her middle name will be Frances... I'm don't like it, but it was DH's dad's middle name and I know DH wants to honor his dad. So Julie Frances. And I'll be okay with because I LOVE the name Julie and ..after all, it IS for his dad.

Also, even though my belly is growing and I feel occasional movement down there, the last couple of days I've actually felt something heavy down there. Like I can tell there's a huge uterus in there or maybe the baby.. I dunno, but I can feel it. I also have been having twinges, but I think it's because she was really digging into my fat with the wand from the ultrasound.

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great. Mine was Smile

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Cute name! I actually like the name Frances, I think its coming back!

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Very cute name. I am with you, a love the name Julie. So simple and sweet. Smile

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That's great that you have a name you love and your DH is on board with! Julie is very pretty, I like it.

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Nice name. I had a student named Julianna but insisted on being called Julie.

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I love that name!