Need to brag....

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Need to brag....

Sorry ladies but I need to brag to people who understand!!! I am feeling super accomplished right now and taking a quick break hoping I don't lose steam... I cleaned the kitchen and our half bath yesterday and this morning I just dusted and cleaned the master bedroom and the main bathroom. DH is finishing my daughters closet so then we are finishing the two girls room!!!

The rest of my list is still long but little starts!!!

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Every step is a big accomplishment when you're 34 weeks pregnant! Congrats, mama.. GREAT job!! :clappy:

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Who hoo for getting things done!!!! Each one is one step closer.

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Woohoo! That's awesome!

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Yay!! Next you can come to my house!

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Wow!!! Congrats! So happy for you. Now you have inspired me to start powering up. lol : )

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Go you! Thats awesome. I had about 1 week of nesty productivity, now I'm just tired.

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I'm always happy when I do a significant amount of cleaning for the day. Woot!