Need a tooth pulled - UPDATE

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Need a tooth pulled - UPDATE

I have a baby tooth still because there was never an adult tooth to push it out. It chipped very slightly a few months back but I was gonna wait to pull it, but this morning is totally broke apart and it needs to go. I'm super nervous ...

UPDATE: They ended up filling it vs. pulling it. I'm back at work and it was super easy.

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crisis averted! I am glad it was a simpler fix.

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Glad to hear there was an easy fix!

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So glad to hear it was a simple and easy fix...I for one hate going to the dentist. I'm a chicken.

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So glad they could fill it rather than pull it! I need to make a dentist appt but they just creep me out! lol

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So glad they didn't have to pull it. I'm going to the dentist soon. I got 6 cavities filled right before I got pregnant, and I have 7 more to fill...lucky me. They are all minuscule and my dentist said I could take my time getting them filled since I don't have any pain and they aren't huge.

I will have to make sure the M/S is gone, I would hate to puke at the dentist.