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Thread: Neurotic? Yes, I think so!

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    I am right with you ladies on this one. I held my breath until 24weeks which is the earliest age for viability, now I can't wait until 28. I am having a hard time relaxing about this pregnancy, and my docs keep trying to freak me out with potentials for x or y. It seems like something else comes up each visit.

    Elizabeth, a lot of folks have fear of anesthesia. Realize that a dental procedure with a dentist and assistant is way different than a surgery in the hospital with a specialist in anesthesia. I would suggest writing out your concerns and having it available to give to the anesthesiologist if needed (things may be rushed so having it written may help you remember your questions if the time comes).
    I have had 2 surgeries this year on my knee and I had some very specific wishes for how I wanted my anesthesia to happen. I had a good experience both times. I definitely feel that communicating with the anesthesiologist is key.

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    I guess I'm pretty positive when it comes to this stuff. I know things do happen, but things can happen anytime - just think once the baby is born and worrying about SIDs and stuff... it really never ends. So for me, I just trust God that He has everything in his hands and whatever happens is meant to be... even if it's a really really hard thing that I don't understand.
    I think as long as we're doing what WE can to keep baby safe then we HAVE to realize it's out of our hands to do anything more.
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    I was extremely worried when I was pregnant with DD1-it didn't help that I conceived her immediately following an early m/c, plus with my placenta location I couldn't feel her until really late in the pregnancy. So it is very normal to worry and I think especially with the first one. With this one, I have not really worried much at all-with having a toddler, I don't have time to dwell on it, nor do I have as much time to read about things going wrong on the internet. I did have a dream recently that I started bleeding and was losing the baby which was upsetting, but I got over it much faster than I would have the first time around. I think having been through one pregnancy already also makes me feel better, like I know I have done it before!
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    Fear is totally rational and it means we care and have feelings. I was very nervous this time and still am to some degree but then I also believe everything happens for a reason. After my early miscarriage last year I felt I did something wrong and my doc told me my body was doing what was right. It really opened my eyes to see things differently.

    With my first I had to have a csectio due to placenta Previn and I was a nervous wreck. I was scared from 20 weeks about early labor and getting to surgery fast enough because natural with that could be bad for baby and myself. Honestly it was a piece of cake (this from the person who screamed her way out of two oral surgeries in fear of going under). This time I am electing a csection due to an issue with my scar that can be fixed with another surgery and while I am still nervous I know it is not too horrible ( my experience was much better than some people I know who went natural)

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