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New craving

Coca-cola! Every day for over a week now, I can't get it out of my head.

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avacados. yum....

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Sherbet for me...almost every day I have to have some.

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diet fountain soda is a weakness here!!!

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Chocolate and Limeades!

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"eliann" wrote:

Chocolate and Limeades!

Lol, are you at Sonic every day?

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My cravings come in waves. Last Wednesday I wanted a McDonalds hamburger something fierce. The past two days I've wanted guacamole. I HAVE been eating a Twix bar like everyday. Whoopsie!

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Chocolate. Although, I'm not sure how new it is since I am normally a chocoholic. But I didn't really want it at all for the first half of my pregnancy. Now I am eating my weight in chocolate every week, unfortunately...