Night time diaper changes

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Night time diaper changes

Talk to me about your night time diaper change routine.

I know some of you bed share, some use a cosleeper or bassinet and some have their LO's in cribs. So where do you change your little one? If you cosleep do you just do it on your bed? In the cosleeper, bassinet, crib? Or do you bring them to changing table @ 3am?

And then where do you put the dirty dipe? Do you keep a trash can in your room? Or do you get up and throw it out? If you cloth diaper, do you use cloth dipes and wipes at night or disposable?

When can you start leaving them in a dipe overnight? When they start solids?

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We cloth diaper, but don't for the first couple of weeks when they are new. After that we usually use disposables at night because they absorb better. (we're going to try this time to do cloth all the time, but we'll see)

Anyways, we have a bassinet in our room for the first 8ish weeks that has a changing table attached, so that is what we use, and I just throw the diaper away in the morning.

Also, I try to only change them if they have poop at night as long as they are not too wet, because I try really hard to just feed them and then put them back to bed from the very beginning when they wake up at night. The less lights turned on, and the lest movement IMO is better because I want them to know that night time is very different from day time. It also helps to change them before feeding them, that way you're not waking them up after they have just eaten and are ready to go back to sleep.

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"morel_baby" wrote:

The less lights turned on, and the lest movement IMO is better because I want them to know that night time is very different from day time. It also helps to change them before feeding them, that way you're not waking them up after they have just eaten and are ready to go back to sleep.

This! I do the same. Change, feed and put back in bed. With DS, it worked great and he would get changed, eat and fall asleep.. no staying up at all. I made sure I didn't talk to him much either. So he wouldn't think it was play time. Worked great and will follow the same routine again this time. Oh and I usually changed him on my bed. Yeah, a few times there were accidents but rarely.

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I change, then feed in hopes she'll go right back to sleep after eating. I change her in my bed and toss all the diapers in the morning. Everything centers around trying to get as much sleep as possible.

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So when you all say you toss the dipes in the morning, where are they going? The floor? I asked my friend this question and she said the floor. But I have a free roaming dog in my house thats likely to destroy a dirty dipe. So I'm thinking I will have to keep the diaper genie in my room if I use sposies or the wet bag if I use cloth. But both mean getting up to do so, bc I'm not sure I'd want those right next to the bassinet. Or maybe its not too terrible.

If you change them in the bassinet do you use a changing mat under them?

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There's no way I'm getting up enough to put a mat underneath her or go throw away a diaper. The dirty ones just kinda go whereve, on the nnightstand or in the corner of her crib. They're not really eally nasty at this stage.

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I agree with everyone else.
Keep the lights as low as possible, literally just enough for you to see what your doing. Don't say much as you want baby to learn day/night time as early as possible.
We check the diaper and if it's dirty we change it, if its only a little wet we leave it as baby will get cold during changing and will want to wake up. Then we feed and put back to bed.
If we change a diaper it usually goes on a dresser or something until morning. I agree the first few weeks the diapers aren't bad ones.
We usually change on our bed as being up for a short amount of time is the key to try and get as much rest and sleep as possible!
But, you will figure things out as you go and what works best for you.

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Pretty much same as everyone else. The poop doesn't even smell at this point. Sometimes I have no idea she has pooped until I open the diaper unless I hear it lol. I bring a plastic bag up with me if I remember and put it in that. Diaper genie was a huge waste for us. Used it a short time with DD then just the trash. We try to keep it low and quiet and I change before feed because she dozes while eating. We were only changing poop at first and within a week she had super red area and a yeast infection so now I change more since that is best for a yeast infection. I NEVER use a changing table. My height makes them super uncomfortable so on the bed, couch or floor I throw a towel or blanket and change the kids.

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We have a bassinet next to the bed for him to sleep in. We change on the bed, I use a large prefold diaper as the changing pad. I set up a couple of dipes and the prepped wipes on the nightstand so they are handy for changes. I put the dirty dipe and wipe in a small wetbag and keep it on the nightstand. When we were still using sposies, I just velcroed it closed and placed them in the corner of the bassinet (everything was tossed in the morning). We too have a dog who would love to get the diapers!

We changed him at first during every nighttime feed. I usually change him between breasts, i.e. Nurse left, burp/change, nurse right. Now I change him every other nighttime feed.

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Honestly, everyone is so delirious for nighttime changes Smile

I change on the bed, since we're usually cosleeping. I have a bassinet in our room for this time, but I'd rather be sitting down myself while changing, not standing up, so the bed it is. Diapers go in a pile on the floor until morning, or tossed quickly in to a garbage can beside the bed. Diaper Genie was a complete waste for us. I only change poops or overly wet diapers.

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Yeah I will just have to use a diaper genie, sounds like you all don't have pets, or very well behaved ones. Haha. We actually use a diaper genie for normal bathroom trash, because my dog can open up any trash can.

Thanks for the suggestions though! I will probably change on the bed and keep either the diaper genie or wet bag close by.

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agh dbl post

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I don't have much advice on the diaper changes. She sleeps from like 11-4 and we have changes right before that and right after she wakes up, so.. I don't have the need to change her in the middle of the morning. However, I did want to comment on the pets. I'm still wearing a pad - plus her diapers add up to much enticement for my little girl dog. We have to keep the bathroom door closed because she'll steal whatever is in the trash in there. So, Julie's diapers get thrown away. But then again, I'm having issues getting her to lay down in the bassinet so...possibly when I actually get to sleep in the bed, her diapers will probably just get put where the dog can't reach them until morning.

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Mine usually pooped while I was feeding them overnight. Our routine was: wake, feed, DH changes, snuggle and "top-off" the feed till back asleep. Ours seem to explode while eating, so I always had a waterproof little pad under their butts in case their diaper leaked. It took two complete bedding changes to get the hang of that. Smile

DH and I just set the wetbag up in a trashcan (similar to the simple human ones) to prevent the dogs from getting to things. The changing zone was in our room until they were STTN and in their own space.

A couple of drops of tea tree oil into the wetbag will help with any smells. I didn't find we needed to use disposables overnight until the baby was STTN. Once they slept longer stretches (more than 4 hours, but not all the way through) we doubled diapers with hemp inserts.

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We have a co-sleeper. The changing table is just outside our room, in the hallway (maybe I'm strange, but I find that breastmilk poops still really stink). My usual routine with the others has been feed one side, get up, change (with only a nightlight if possible) then feed the other side and put baby back down. That way baby isn't screaming for food during the diaper change but gets calmed down enough by milk (hopefully) to fall back asleep.
We CD during the day but use disposables at night. Mine have always leaked through cloth at night.
For maybe the first 6 weeks with DS3 we had to change at every feeding day and night because he'd poop every time. I really try to only change if there's a poop (or baby is soaked) because it's so hard to get them back to sleep after.

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nak-We co-sleep and I will very shortly be putting a waterproof matress cover on our bed for leaks. I change diapers on the bed at night and I always put something waterproof underneath because she pees/poops mid diaper change at leasat half the time and i am not interested in changing our sheets at 3am! I change the diapers whenever she poops or if she feels very wet-i can usually smell the wet diaprs so know she needs a change. sometimes i will ask dh to chage them so i dont haave to get up. we keep a trash can in our room and diapers/wipes get thrown in there. we dont allow our cat in our room at all so we dont have to worry about the trash.

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I only change if they poop, try to keep it to a minimum just like others said.
We do cloth at night as well. Once he starts STTN I will probably do a fitted; right now we just use prefolds at night just like during the day. When they STTN is when I stop changing overnight at all.
I just make sure there are about 3 dipes in the bedroom (his changing table is set up in his room) and a wetbag. And yeah, it doesn't really smell so I don't have problems with that at all.

We have a cosleeper but he hates it so I bought a Rock n Play and its awesome.