Normal weight gain?

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Normal weight gain?

What is the normal amount of weight by 10 weeks? I'm almost 10 weeks and I've gained about 10 lbs... I feel like a cow. Is this normal for me to gain this much this fast?!

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I wonder how much of it is water weight? I always lose weight in the first trimester, but then make it up later (and then some. :P)

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I've lost weight because of morning sickness, but like Alissa said, yours might not be true "weight gain". I wouldn't worry too much...

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I've gained like 7, but I'm still on 2 different hormones so I'm assuming it's from that too.

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I'd talk to your doctor, I think 5ish lbs in the first trimester is normal although I usually lose as well.

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Everybody is different. Gaining 10 lbs may be perfect for you. Underweight women should gain 28-40 lbs, overweight women 15-25
Your body stores a lot during the first trimester between growing breasts, uterus, and such. You will have more control over the gain in the 2nd trimester where you will feel good and can make healthy eating choices.
Check with your doc to be sure what is healthy for you!

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I've gained about 4 lbs. My midwife seemed to think that was fine. She didn't tell me about weight gain by trimester, but said that she expects me to gain between 25-35lbs for the whole pregnancy.

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my sister in law is pg too, and she gained 10 lbs in her first 10 weeks.. this is # 5 for her and it seems to be her "trend" she gains in the beginning but then levels off some... I have gained about 3 lbs or so, but seems I make up for it in the 3rd trimester lol everyone is different