The not so great appt today!

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The not so great appt today!

Well first the good news baby is doing good. I got a quick like 1 min. US heard and saw the HB and that was it. The bad, BP is high already. Sad Was put on meds, had to get some BW to check whatever level, and have to do a 24 hour urine collection. To add since my DD was premie, I have to start progesterone at 18W till the end of my pregnancy. SadSad It's a new pregnancy guideline to help prevent premature birth again. I've gained a crazy amount of weight...about 10lbs. Overall it was just a SH***y appt! I honestly belive my body is not equipped to be pregnant. My BP just goes insane!

Well that's it. I have the 16W BW scheduled. THe 18W echocardiogram for the baby, then 20W anatomy scan. So got some US to look forward to at least.

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Boo for a bad appt BUT atleast baby is okay!! And in the end, your BP and other stuff will regulate itself again and you'll have a brand new BABY!!!

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Ack! Sorry about your elevated BP. I hope you are able to get it under control with the meds.

I turned in my 24hr urine on monday. So fun (NOT!). I am sure I will need to do it a few times this pregnancy.

Is the progesterone in shots or pills? Either way, doesn't sound fun.

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Ah sorry Marisol. That has to be so nerve wracking! But at least the baby is doing well. And you're 14 weeks!! I hope your BP issues magically go away!

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That all sounds very stressful. Hopefully the meds work for the bp and the progesterone does its job.

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So glad baby is doing ok!! Im sorry your BP is giving you trouble! Hopefully the meds will help keep it under control. Mine was high at my last appt and ive been worrying about it ever since. With my last 2 pregnancies I had pregnancy induced hypertension but it never started this early. =/ I was hoping to not deal with it this time around.