November 21st seems so far away!

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November 21st seems so far away!

My doctor is sending me to a specialist on November 21st to check and make sure our baby's heart is growing and developing as it should be. My niece was born with a heart defect that our dad had when he was born so turns out it was a hereditary heart defect (we didnt know until Ella was born) and my doctor who was also the dr who delivered my niece just wants to have our baby checked to make sure all is going as it should and no chance of it having what Ella has. I'm so torn between being nervous/scared/worried about this appt and being CRAZY excited to finally get a look at our little piglet (we call it the piglet b/c I'm starving all the time and if I dont eat when I feel hungry I throw up). I'm really hoping that we'll get to find out the sex that day too so that we can annouce it to the families at Thanksgiving the next day! Any thoughts and prayers you can throw our way that our little piggys heart is developing normally would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you!!!!

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Leslie, you will be in my thoughts. I'm sure that it is really scary thinking that something could be wrong with the baby, but I think you guys are really smart in being proactive and checking it out now. I'm sure you'll be able to see the gender then too; how exciting!!!! Anyway, hugs, and hope you are able to relax a little before your test.

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I would be worried too, but just try to think good thoughts, bc the baby could also be just fine. I'm excited that you might be finding out the gender! I will keep you in my thoughts!

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I think it's great that they can see these things and catch them so early. Hopefully all is well and it's just a great little peek at your LO!