Now Im gettin mad...

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Now Im gettin mad...

I've posted 100 times about other people shouldn't worry about not hearing the heartbeat on a doppler but this is just really making me mad. I am over 13 weeks and still can't find crap. I try everyday and get bummed everyday. Geez...

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I can't find mine either. I am 13w 2d. It's super frustrating!

I will tell you not to worry! It is so hard at this stage to find that tiny heart.

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I read somewhere that even some midwifes and OBs can't find it on some people until 16-18 weeks, so please don't let it get you down.

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I made it a rule for myself to not try to find it until my OB found it, then I would try that same day where she found it.
I also found that earlier on, if you don't find it where you think it should be, go lower, it's hard to get the right angle on yourself, especially early on.
Hope you find it soon!

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I haven't tried since the other day because I know I will get upset as well!!! :bighug:

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My husband said he doesnt want me to get a dopplar.... he knows I'll obsess. LOL

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Sorry Jessica, but it sounds like lots ladies are having the same problem. I hear low and towards the right or left pelvic bone is a good place to look. When's your next appt? Hopefully you get to hear it soon.