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NT Scan

Wow things have been crazy busy around here! Both my boys have had ear infections this past week along with some pretty nasty sinus infections.. Gotta love weather changes!

So anyways.. I had my NT scan on Tuesday. The dr came in and said from measurments everything looks great but I wont get my results from the blood tests until next week. Baby was being super cute the whole time!! It was touching its face and rubbing its lil tummy! We also got a really good shot of baby sucking its thumb. I was hoping maybe we could look to see if we could tell the gender but we couldnt really see anything. =/ All in all it was a great appt and I loved watching baby!!

Baby sucking thumb

Babys hand Smile

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Sorry to hear about your boy's ear infections. Those are no fun.

Glad your appointment went well! Look at that baby sucking his/her thumb! So cute!

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Yay for a great appointment! Those are wonderful pictures of your sweet baby. I loved the hand picture; tooooo cute!

Sorry to hear that your boys had ear infections! That is so hard. I hope they are both starting to feel better now.

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awesome!!! what a beautiful baby!!!

ear infections stink!! hope he feels better soon!

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Thumb sucking already! How cute.