NT Scan today...UPDATE!

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NT Scan today...UPDATE!

***I just got the call and all is fine!! THey congratulated me and said my numbers were excellent!! I'm so incredibly relieved!!! Very long 2 days that's all I've thought about****

Well it was a wonderful sight to see my little one dancing around!! At first my little peanut was sound asleep. Smile So she first listened for the HB it was at 155. She took some other measurements hoping he would wake up but nothing. So she made me cough and that startled my little one and he jumped up and she then started measuring. We got to see him drinking fluid, waving his hands, moving his feet, etc. I then had to see a genetic counselor. My fluid levels (NT) were 2.9, I wasn't too thrilled with that but they assured me that everything was normal and that they expected the BW to be normal as well. I'm suppsed to go back at 16W for more BW and then the 20 week anatomy scan but that's up to my OB. She tried to sneak a peek at the gender but my little on had its legs crossed and nothing. Sad I keep referring to it as a him only because I hate to use the word "it." All in all it was such a relief to see my baby!!! and DH finally go to see hin too, it was a great experience!!

Here are some pics!!

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Awwwww Mari - what a great appointment! Love your beautiful baby! :biglove: I totally agree with using a pronoun of your choosing rather than saying "it." Biggrin :D Biggrin

Yahoo I am so happy that everything looks great! You must be over the moon!

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AWWW!!! Hi little one!! Yay for a good appt!!
oh my gosh, I'm so about to cry.... I have been pulling for you SO much, you have no idea!

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"babywings1" wrote:

AWWW!!! Hi little one!! Yay for a good appt!!
oh my gosh, I'm so about to cry.... I have been pulling for you SO much, you have no idea!

Aww, thank you so much. Yes, it has been a very difficult road for us with not being able to conceive and the death of my mom.

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so cute!!! i am glad everything went well and you got to see your beautiful baby. those pictures turned out amazing Smile

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Thats great Mari- love the pictures! I keep saying "him" too. Smile

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Aww Mari, the baby is so cute already! Great photos! How awesome that you got to see the baby today with your DH.

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I love the pictures, baby is adorable! How exciting for you and your DH to be able to see the baby together!

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Awww!!! I love the pic!!! Smile

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So happy everything went so well...and what a beautiful baby!!! Smile

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Those are some great pics!

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Yay, that's so exciting!
Ya know legs crossed usually = girl! I have known several people who have gone for gender scans and their baby had its legs crossed and it ended up being a girl! I think girls are shyer and boys just bare it all!

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Looks like one of your pictures is the right angle to look for the 'angle of the dangle' - since learning about that, I think 90% of the people who have gone by that have been right! (the 2nd pic looks like it might have what you need, but it is cut off in the photo)

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Loving the pictures. Such a cute little one you have there. So glad everything went well.

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this is the best news! I will pray for good BW results as well. And your baby is adorable and perfect!