Nursery Update (XP)

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Nursery Update (XP)

Baby Boy's crib finally has bedding it in! Biggrin

An "elie-a-fent" wall decor my mom bought for the baby.

DH likes the little stuffed animals in baby's bed. lol..

The section of closet I cleaned out for little man since he'll be in the bedroom with us for a while. Smile

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Super cute! Love the crib!

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It looks awesome!!!! Loving the elephant theme!

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Your decorations are sooo cute! I love it!

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Adorable! I love the dark wood crib and the Ellie-a-phants! (That's our Doug's name, btw, Ellie Phant LOL)

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It's looking really nice!

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Can't wait until the rest of the stuff comes in the mail and we can get it finished!! Smile

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Gorgeous! Now come do mine!

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Wow! You are so much further along on your nursery then we are. I LOVE the bedding!!! So cute! I dont feel like we'll every be finished!

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Love the crib and beddiing! It looks so cute:) I know baby will love it Smile

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I love the animals! Your nursery is so cute and I love how organized the baby's clothes are! I wish my baby clothes were to that point, they are all still stuffed in storage bins, lol!

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Cute! I Love the colors!