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OB appt...

So it was boring!! Smile BP was great! Meds seem to be doing their job. I have to get an EKG done just as a precaution, with DD I actually had to get a sonogram of my heart as a precaution. Genetic tests all came back normal!! Smile WHat a relief!!! 24 urine collection was also normal. I told her about my constipation so I have to stop the prenatal vitamins for a few days and take colace. Then stop that once I'm regular again. I also asked her about this crazy colored discharged and she told me that as long as it doesn't smell or itch not to worry about it. Heard the HB and see you next month! Smile

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Most of the appointments are pretty boring besides the few big ones ... which is a good thing! I'm so happy to hear that everything is moving along great for you Marisol!

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Glad your appointment went well.

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I'm glad you had a good boring appointment. Haha. Is the EKG because of your blood pressure?

You should pick up some Rainbow Light prenatals, I swear they make me go #2 all the time. I've never had to go #2 this much and have struggled with constipation my whole life. It's crazy, the bottle says you are supposed to take 6 a day. And they are huge. I'm sure you are on a prescription prenatal, but could be worth a try. Collace is always good too, should do the trick Wink

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Yay, it sounds like everything is just sailing along!!! So glad for a nice boring easy appointment. Biggrin

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Glad everything is going well!

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I was on them for over a year but my RE insisted I switched to prescription. :confused:

Yeah the EKG is because of the BP.