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    Default OB appt!

    Well my pregger brain wrote it down on the calendar for the 20th... LOL!

    BP was great! Boring appt like usual...

    THe only thing is that I am having some braxton hicks, had a pretty nasty one the other night. It only lasted a few seconds but my stomach was like a cement block! She told me that I was def. not drinking enough water and that I must start now! She wasn't messing around!

    I now have to have monthly US to check growth of the baby due to the BP and kidney issues and to monitor my cervix to make sure I don't go into preterm labor again. There go my sick days!!

    She barely even checked the HB because she was moving around in there and she goes "yeah that babies fine." LOL!
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    I'm glad that your BP is looking good and baby is great! Sucks that you will have to use sick time to get the month u/s but on the upside, you get to see baby every month! I am getting monthly u/s now too to monitor the growth of my Little Guy (or Big Guy, as the case may be) due to my GD. I'm kind of excited about that, actually.
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    Yay for good BP! Sorry about the Braxton Hicks though...I haven't had any yet. And while you have to go in for the ultrasounds and use sick time, it will be fun to see your baby girl!
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    Glad you had a boring appt. Ultrasounds are great though, you get to see your baby growing!

    I'm really hoping since I've had such horrendous morning sickness, I'll be able to skate right through the rest of the pregnancy.

    *knock on wood*
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