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OB Appt Yesterday

I meant to tell you all yesterday, but I got super busy. I had an OB appointment yesterday. Went well. Baby's h/b and my blood pressure are good. I've still only gained 3 lbs from my starting weight which is kind of weird, but I've been having to eat really healthy and walk a lot to manage my GD, so I assume that's why. My doctor didn't seem uber concerned with it, he actually mentioned that it is a testament to the fact that I have been keeping my blood sugar low. I didn't gain a lot with T either, although I think I will end up gaining less this time (I gained 21 total with T.)

Two things freaked me out though -
1. Rocket is now measuring 3 weeks ahead (according to measuring my uterus.) Sad Even though I have done a pretty good job of monitoring my sugars (I'm usually at or below where I need to be) he is still getting really big really fast. Because of that, they are talking about inducing me early. I told him that I do NOT want to be induced if I can avoid it at all, and he said basically that if the baby gets too big we are talking about increased potential for C-sections which I really don't want, but on the other hand I know that just being induced increases your risk for c-section. So I don't know. I'm kind of bummed about that. Hopefully this baby will decide to come a little early on his own, like T did. Not super early, but T came at 37 weeks and was 7 lbs 6 oz which was just perfect, so if this guy sees fit to come around 37-38 weeks on his own, that would be just fine with me. Better that than getting induced, IMO.

2. They had me go ahead and schedule all of my appointments through the rest of the pregnancy. I'm that close that they are like "Go ahead and just reserve the schedule you want now." I only have 2 more "every two week" appointments, and then I jump up to weekly. EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeep!

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My OB told me she wouldn't let me go past 39 weeks. I do not want an induction either, but I just told her we would cross that bridge later if we needed to.

I am measuring 4 weeks ahead (fundal height), but the baby is only at 70th percentile by U/S so not 4 weeks ahead or even that big. Are you getting growth scans?

We only have 6 more appts, assuming we make it to 40 weeks. crazy!

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OMG. Did you just weekly appointments?? AHHHH

About measuring ahead - I know you said T was a big boy, how many weeks was he measuring ahead? My MW didn't even tell me what I was measuring. When I asked she said I was fine and to stop worrying. *eyeroll*

I *know* you don't want to be induced, but can I just say that I can't even believe we're at that point were it's even being discussed? I hope things work out for you - did they say what Rocket is weighing?

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Yay for keeping your blood sugar in check!
I wouldn't worry too much Alissa. If T was early, most likely this one will be early too. And if he was 7 1/2 lbs or so, than you still have leeway. You should still be able to push out a baby that weighs a whole pound more. Was T measuring ahead as well?

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It's great that your blood sugar is low! Wow 3 weeks ahead that's crazy. And Cristan, 4 weeks! Wow!! Well hopefully whatever happens, you can avoid a c-section. Hopefully he comes early on his own and can avoid being induced. But I hear of many successful vaginal births with inductions, so it doesn't always have to lead to a c-section. Keep an open mind!

I can't believe you are on weekly appointments. I'm just now starting the every other week appointments.

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Yay for good bloodsugar, weight, bp and healthy baby. Crazy that everything is going to fast now!

If it will ease your mind any, I was induced at 41 weeks with DS and it was a successful vag birth. I had gone in at 41 weeks and was only a fingertip dilated. From the start of pitocin to him being born was 12hours 24 minuets so it can happen. Although I don't blame you for wanting baby to choose to come on his own.

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Thanks for the reassurance everyone! Smile

Cristan - I am doing a growth u/s once a month. My last one was on 1/9 and he was measuring in the 95th percentile at that point. My next one is next week (the 7th) so we'll see what they say then.

Jessica - they didn't say what he weighs because they just checked the height of my uterus.

Jill- Thanks for the reassurance that you were able to have a vaginal birth after being induced. I want to avoid being induced, but it's good reassurance that getting induced doesn't automatically mean a cs. Smile

I'm not on weekly appointments yet, I still have two more "every other week" appointments. But they're just around the corner!

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Wow! I can't believe you are already 31+ weeks!! Since T came at 37 weeks that increases your chances of having Rocket earlier than your due date, hopefully that eliminates the need to decide about inducing or not! Nice job with keeping your blood sugar regulated and staying active! You rock lady!

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How stressful. I'm with you though, I think inducing too early risks a c-section more than him being too big. Besides, doctor's are sometimes way off about that stuff. Hopefully he just comes early like T did and you don't have to make that decision.

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Wow, I can't believe how fast it is going! I would be concerned about induction too, but hopefully this one will come early as well so you don't have to have one. That's great that you've been keeping your blood sugar low!

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wow . :o I sos didn't know that getting induced could cause a c section. I reallly reallly don't want a c section either and I obsesss and worry about that all the time. I know how you feel and I really hope you don't have to go through a c section either. Good job on staying healthy Smile