Oh crap!!

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Oh crap!!

Well DH and I DTD and let me tell you its been A WHILE!! Poor guy was going to run away from home soon! LOL!! Well you know he did is business didn't pull out, sorry TMI AND I'm in the middle of doing a 24 hour urine!! I completely forgot!!!! AHH!!
I hope that doesn't mess up the test!!

On a side note, I'm a nervous wreck that I DTD. I keep thinking I'm going to start bleeding or something! Do you guys do it often? Or am I over reacting!?

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Do we do it often? What is this "it" that you speak of? I only very vaguely remember "it".....:lol: Wink (I've been on pelvic rest since I started spotting at 6 weeks, so, well, you can do the math...)

I don't know anything about the 24 hour urine test, so I don't know if this will impact it. However, I would kind of assume that if it would impact it, they would have warned you. The good news is that where "it" goes and where the pee comes from are two separate openings, so maybe just take a really thorough shower?

Re: spotting, you might, but if you do, remember that it is only your cervix, and cervical bleeding is not dangerous to the baby and try not to stress.

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I dont think it will have any affects on your UA. As for DTD.. We hardly EVER do! lol I know hubby is going insane.. He just doesnt understand though, after being used as a human pacifier/sippy all day and dealing with screaming kids and a 1yr old that is constantly climbing on me.. The last thing I want is him on me too! And no matter what, if the kids are awake as soon as we even try theyre knocking at the door! LOL If he would only try for it in the morning he might actually get "it" more often!

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Its only been happening once a month here. I always worry about bleeding after, but I havent yet.

I havent heard of the 24 hour UA...going to google it now. I do know that Im extremely prone to UTI's and DTD makes it worse.

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Haven't DTD with DH but 3 times since the BFP but none of the times have lead to any bleeding. (Damn that man and his ZERO sex drive :annoyed: )

So with your 24 urine you gave a little of his deposit? Lol That's funny! :biglaugh:

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I cant keep hubbys hands off me since I got pregnant... seeing as how I have always had a higher sex drive then him if I dont feel like crap I give in so yeah, we do it pretty often. Well, we were doing it pretty often but lately we've both been really tired and busy but I've never had any bleeding/spotting from having sex. You should be fine.

On a side (and clueless) note what is a 24 urine? I'm guessing I'm the only one who doesnt know what this is?

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Erm - DH and I DTD quite often, I've never bled from it but sometimes I feel a twinge or cramp afterward, but it goes away quickly.

Leslie, I don't know what 24 hr urine is either. I sincerely HOPE it doesn't mean you have to hold it 24 hrs?

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LOL. When you have high BP they make you do 24 hour urines to see if you are leaking any protein into your urine. If you are that's not a good thing, I think it could mean several things. That's why they check your urine I believe when you go to your monthly. This is just more detailed. So for 24 hours every time I pee I have to collect it and put it in a special container....