Oh my ....FLUTTERS!!

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Oh my ....FLUTTERS!!

Okay the past week or so, I have been having major flutters! Smile Today this baby has been doing zumba or something because I have felt flutters throughout the whole day! Smile I love it!!!! It's right where I have been hearing the HB the past several days so I know it must be the baby because I also pick up the movement with the doppler as well!!

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Isn't it the best? You must have an active baby in there; mine will move around some but definitely not all the time.

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Yay!!!! How fun!! Feeling baby is the BEST. Haha about a little zumba baby in there. Smile

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Yay for feeling baby!!

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So happy that things are progressing well for you!

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Yay for feeling baby move. I've been feeling flutters for the past week but only a couple to few times a day, so looking forward to feeling baby a little more often soon.

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Thats awesome!!!! I'm jealous! Wink Cant wait to feel my little one move!!!!

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Thats awesome Marisol. I cant wait to feel the baby move. I keep thinking I feel flutters maybe, but its too high where im having those feelings...I think its just all my organs readjusting.

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Hooray! What great news!

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Well guys we are leaving! Smile We got gas!!! We waited 1.5 hours to get it but we can finally go to your mini one and a half day getaway! Smile

This baby is going to cause heart disease in me! UGH! I couldn't find the HB this morning, after trying like 20 min. Then I took a bath, got dressed packed up and just tried and finally found it pretty quickly! Smile Nice, loud and strong. LOL!!!! The kids....!!!!!

See you guys Thursday!

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Have a safe trip Mari!