Okay, I admit it...

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Okay, I admit it...

I'm getting more and more freaked out as my due date approaches. Am I worried about having a newborn to care for that cries all the time? Nope. Am I worried about how tiny she's going to be? Nope. Am I worried that DH won't be a good dad or I won't be a good mom? Nope.

I'm seriously seriously seriously starting to panic about LABOR. I know it can come any day and every time I feel a weird twinge or a new pain, I tense up waiting for my water to break or a contraction to hit or something. (I haven't had any "real" contractions, and if I've had BH, then I wasn't sure that's what they were.)

I think she's dropped as my pelvic region hurts. (And, does it feel like you've done 1000 sit ups non-stop when you get up from bed? I'm like...ow ow ow ow ow ow.) But I'm worried about

1. Getting to the hospital. I've heard so many varying things and being positive for GBS, they want me to come in earlier so I can get anti-biotics started. But that bothers me because how am I supposed to know if it's like...labor contractions or something else? I seriously hope I'm one of those who's water breaks, because that means it's coming. HOWEVER, if my water breaks the nurse said that contractions could come right then and be hard and fast or they could come a little later - giving me enough time to get to the hospital. DH works an hour away, then it'd be another 30-45 minutes BACK to the hospital and they don't want me to labor that long at home with out the anti-biotics. They said labor MAYBE about 45 minutes with contractions 5-8 minutes apart before I come in. I'd be having to leave as soon as the contractions start. This whole timing thing is really messed up. Plus, DH is in a hole in a boat a lot - he won't have service. I can't wait for DH to get here if I can't get ahold of him. Yes, there's a hospital 2 minutes down the road, but I really really want to try to avoid that one.

2. How fast it's going to go. I don't want to be in labor forever (my mom was in labor for almost two days with my brother, but I almost came out in the car!) but I don't want it to be so hard and fast that I don't remember a lot of it. Which is kind of stupid, I don't really WANT to remember being in labor, but on the other hand I kind of do.

3. The actual labor. I'm a huge wimp. How the heck am I going to do something that causes me pain? I know everyone says it'll be worth it - but that's afterwards.

4. Work. Yes, this is a stupid one. But my "relief" messed up a lot on Thursday when I took the day off to go see my moms so she's back in training with me two days this coming up week. I'm not real concerned about the actual "work" - my job is day to day, nothing really sits around needing to be done. But, I'm worried about her not going in...or being late.. or whatever. Plus, I have the only key for the door. I can't leave it there because loss prevention would have a cow.

Everytime I realize just *how* close I am to having her - I have a mild panic session and try to think of something else. LOL. I. Am. So. Scared.

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dbl post

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Happy full term Jessica!! Haha, I have similar concerns as you. But every morning as I drive thru the school zones and see all these moms with their kiddos, I tell myself...if she can do it, so can I. I think for us, since its our first baby, there is a lot of fear of the unknown.

My midwife/hospital has a differnt policy with GBS. They just want you to receive the antibiotics about 4 hours before if possible. So if Im GBS positive I need to go to the hospital when contrax are 3-5 min apart, lasting minute per contration and when they are consistently like that for 1 hour. I also talked to my doula today about this and she said second time moms labor more quickly and sometimes dont get the antibiotics in time and their kids are fine. My childbirth classes say the risk of your baby getting GBS, even if you arent treated with antibiotics are so low. So I would not worry. Also keep in mind that they test you for GBS around 36 weeks. My classes say that you may have it then, but may not have it at birth but they just dont restest you. Also some people test negative at 36 weeks and then studies have shown you can get it closer to birth and since they dont retest you, you just dont know.

Try to not worry, Im sure you will be fine. Maybe make a bunch of game plans so you work thru all the possible yet unlikely scenarios in your head. Im not sure my childbirth classes will go over what to do if you have your baby at home or in the car, but Im totally going to be googling the crap out of that soon. Maybe I make a separate hospital bag with a nose aspirator and towels and who knows what else. I live less than 10 min from my hosptial, so Im not too scared about that.

I am scared that I will start contracting at a client meeting thats over an hour away and have to drive myself home in rush hour traffic with contractions and I get distracted and cause a wreck on the highway or something.. Im thinking of telling my boss that Im not going to do out of town meetings after 39 weeks.

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This is my second time and I have a lot of the same fears. Hugs to you both!

I have done a lot of research on GBS since I am also positive (I wasn't with Sam). They will give you antibiotics every 4 hrs (this is penicillin if you are not allergic) you do not need the antibiotics 4 hrs before delivery, just before delivery to ensure baby gets the antibiotic benefits. Being a nurse, I know that you can give Penicillin in 15 minutes, so you just need to get there within the hour before birth and you should be just fine. Many moms don't make it in time, and babies are just fine. They may want you to stay a little longer to watch baby for any signs of the infection or give the baby the antibiotic directly as prevention.

The antibiotic I will be getting takes over an hour to give, and since I had a super fast labor with Sam, I will need to get to the hospital at the slightest twinge!

I have set up a call tree of sorts to help me reach DH in case I go into labor. I am in the city, be he remained at home to work one more week. We decided he would be able to get his messages every hour and in the meantime I will call his boss so he can track him down if I need him before the hour.

I had a fast labor with Sam, but I also was dilated to 3-4 cm for 3 weeks before delivery. I hope my labor is a little slower this time and hopefully a little less intense. My cervix is long and thick on last u/s so that gives me a little peace of mind that it will be a little slower this time around!

Lot's of ladies are self titled wimps and are champs at childbirth. I have a theory about pain that your body is supposed to have (as in childbirth) is way different then pain your body is not supposed to have (like kidney stones or broken bones). You are wired to handle childbirth pain. And don't forget, there is nothing wrong with getting an epidural or using other pain management techniques. They are proven safe for most women and babies.

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I hope you don't mind me posting here!

1. I was GBS positive with my daughter. I barely got the first antibiotic treatment in me before I delivered her. Seriously, the IV had just finished as I was pushing her out. She was perfectly fine. Like PP mentioned, chances are slim to none that the baby will have problems even if you don't get the antibiotics in. The hospital asked me to stay another 24 extra hours just in case for monitoring though so keep that in mind. Also - there is no way in he** that you won't know you are in labor. There is nothing on earth that feels like it! You will know, I promise!!!

2. Even if labor goes fast I'm pretty sure you will remember it. Labor is memorable. It's exciting, intense, giddy etc. You won't forget! Smile

3. I'm a total wimp - I really am. My DH always makes fun of me because I hate pain. When it comes to child birth it feels so different from what "pain" is. I can't even describe how different. I've had TWO natural childbirths with no pain medications what so ever. You will either really surprise yourself with how much you can handle, or you won't and you'll end up with some pain meds. Either way you will not remember how "painful" it is 6 months later!

4. Don't worry about work. Work will no longer be your #1 priority. That baby you are growing inside yourself will become #1. Just let the stress of work go! Smile

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Deep breaths! Smile Everything will be ok.
I know you have your job and are worried about everything going right while you are gone, but that will be just fine.
I too am like you and don't handle pain very well. But, this will be my second baby and i made it through child birth the first go round just fine. I won't lie and say it's easy and painless, because it's not. But, you will get through it and yes it will so totally be worth it when you get to hold your baby for the first time.
I don't know much about the whole GBS stuff as I tested negative with my son and just had the swab done this past Thursday so don't know the results yet. But take comfort in what these other ladies have said, they seem to know what they are talking about! Wink
Hugs lady!

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All the responses have been so good, I can't think of what I can say that the ladies haven't already covered. Sometimes you just have to have faith that everything is going to work out how it's going to work out and all you can do is plan as best as you can and hope for the best! Having a baby is full of so many unknowns and it's pretty scary!

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I know it's hard, especially w/ the first baby. Even I get nervous sometimes and I've been through it twice!
But relax and remember that your body knows what it's doing and that it's a natural thing. Don't think of the pain as something unnatural - think of it as something gets you closer and closer to meeting your little girl!
And yes, plenty of people have gone through it and you WILL get through it. You will find a way to manage the pain when you get there.

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(((hugs))) You've gotten a lot of great info and responses, so I just wanted to say that a) Welcome to being full term lady!!! and b) you are going to be fine. Don't worry about being scared - I've done this before and I'm a little worried too; I think it's perfectly natural to be nervous about the unknown, and unfortunately labor is always an unknown even if you've done it before. But, I think it's probably most likely that especially as a first time mom you will have plenty of time to get everything figured out and get to the hospital. I was in labor for 12 hours with T and that is after my water broke. It *can* happen that labor progressed really really fast, but my impression is that most of the time, especially with first time moms, you have hours. And like you said, IF IF IF you happen to go really fast, you have a hospital 2 minutes away. It may not be your first choice and that's fine, but at least you know that you have that as a backup plan if you were to go from zero labor to ready to push in an hour or something.

You're going to be fine, and Julie is going to be fine. I believe that with all of my heart. (((hugs)))