Okay a little scared...

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Okay a little scared...

I need to quit reading the internet, seriously.

The other day when my doctor took my blood and gave me the result - 1,853 with a progesterone of 7.8 at 5 weeks they said this was fine.

Now I'm reading about people needing supplements with Progesterone under 20, that anything under 20 isn't considered viable, etc etc.

This isn't true according to my doctor. They told me my level was great.

Now I AM worried.

With my daughter my progesterone was only 13 and i made a huge hulabaloo about it only to find out she was perfectly fine.

I don't want to do this again ... but this is now starting to scare me big time considering my levels have always been low - and because by my dates when I had the ultrasound the other day I should have been 6 weeks and I only measured 5 w 2 d.

Am I freaking over nothing now? I've actually tried NOT to worry about this - but they said any sort of progesterone supplement was not necessary and I was perfectly fine by that level - so why are some doctors different than others?


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Sorry you're worried about it. I don't know the answers about what is okay and what is not with progesterone, but if you're worried about it, I think you should call your doctor and talk about it to express your concerns. Also, not sure what, if anything, the risks are of being on a progesterone supplement if it's not entirely necessary, but you might ask, especially if you are borderline, if there is any harm in being on a supplement. Just some thoughts. Smile

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Alissa said it all.

Go see your doc and talk about your fears!!

Google had a lot to answer too!!!

Huge hugs

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Yes, I agree with the others. Please talk with your doctor. I think being able to talk to your doctor about how you feel about something and not be bullied about it, or dismissed because you aren't a 'doctor'. If this is your case, i suggest finding a new doctor if possible. I hope that your doctor will listen to your concerns and help you feel more comfortable.

ETA: I also think that, as with any hormone, progesterone levels can do different things to different bodies. Maybe the people who talk about taking a supplement have had issues of too low progesterone for them to carry healthy babies. Maybe your doc doesn't think you have the same problem. ? just throwing out ideas.