OMG the clothes

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OMG the clothes

The baby officially has more clothes than I do. DH's coworker gave us 2 huge boxes of baby clothes. And I got lots from my shower and I got a box from my friend. I'm grateful, but I'm running out of room. I'm starting to get scared of my next shower. I wish my invite had specified "no clothes, we're good on those."

Anyone else dealing with a mountain of baby clothes?

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If this baby had turned out to be a boy, we would have been in the same boat because of DS(minus a few onesies and such). But, I feel like we have next to nothing for this little girl. Ive been trying not to buy a whole lot yet because I know people like to buy the cute little clothes as shower gifts. But almost every time we hit the store, we come home with something.

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I need to take a pic of all the girl clothes we have ... it's NUTS!! I could have triplets and clothe them. Someone at work gave us four boxes, plus what I got from my small shower. It's crazy. NO WAY we'll use all those clothes.

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I'm definitely good on clothes. MIL's coworkers and DH's coworkers seem to think we don't have enough. A BOX of baby clothes holds alot and I've received probably 5 boxes plus all the new stuff I got at my shower (which was a mountain to begin with). I'm going to have to sort through, get what I like and donate the rest because there's no way all these clothes are gonna fit in the dresser.

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I have a TON of sleepers, but I did that to myself. LOL One day I freaked out and bought like 15 sleepers in varying materials (cotton, fleece, and terry!) because I didn't know what the weather was going to be like in CO in March and I felt like I had to plan for every contingency. LOL Other than that, I'm actually pretty good on clothes (enough, I think, but not more than we'll probably use) because I had the handy excuse that since we already have a boy, we didn't need very much.

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I think I'm in the opposite boat.. I'm scared to get too much stuff at too small of a size! He has approximately 10 onsies.. 3 sleepers (long sleeve just in case it's a chilly night.. otherwise he'll sleep in a onsie and blankie.. ) and about 5-7 outfits.

I don't feel it's enough in the outfit department.. but I'm scared to buy anything, not knowing what size he'll be in and how long he'll be in them! Ugh!!

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You will go through the clothes, trust me. Plus, since they grow so much you need stuff for each size (0-3, 3-6, 6-9 etc.) so it may *seem* like a lot but it might not really be quite as much as you think. Smile The good thing is, if you have too much or don't like some stuff, you can just donate them or whatever.
I have WAY more for my girl than my boy but that's because I got a bunch of stuff for free from a friend of a friend. With my boy, I have one big rubbermaid box of all 0-6 months. I have like twice that for my girl!