OMG hahaha

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OMG hahaha

I have this stretchy kind of spandexy maternity shirt that I haven't worn in a while, just because its been a little buried in my closet. I put it in this morning, and it totally made me laugh.

It's actually funnier looking from the front, but the pictures weren't doing it justice. I put a cardigan on top for decency's sake. Wink

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Does it show your boobs? It looks fine to me! I have a bunch of maternity shirts that aren't long enough anymore!

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No, it doesn't show my boobs, it just clings so becomingly to my gigantic torso...LOL I don't know, maybe I'm just in a silly mood this morning, but I just looked so giant in that shirt that it made me laugh.

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I like the shirt! I think you look great!

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Thanks! Maybe it's just me being self conscious. Smile

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I think it's a cute shirt and you look great, mama!

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very cute shirt! Looks great on you! Smile

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I like it too! You look awesome!!!

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Thanks everybody!

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Looking good! I love the color of the shirt too.

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I think it looks great as well! Those kinds of shirts are the best kind for me since I'm so high up and out in front.