One more from the shower (a belly pic)

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One more from the shower (a belly pic)

A friend took this with her phone, my sister didnt get any side veiw pics for some reason. There are a lot of shots thinking back I wish we had gotten but its not her fault, I just didnt think.

32 Weeks

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You and the baby look so cute!!!! Love the dress!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful shower! Smile

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You look super cute! Belly is looking good!! Not too much longer!

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You look amazing!

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You look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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I love that dress! Your belly is beautiful--it looks like you are hiding a basketball in there!

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You look great! That's one for the baby book!!

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You're so dang pretty!!! Biggrin Hi baby!!

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Very pretty! I LOVE your dress, I could never pull something like that off.

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You look great for 32 weeks! I feel like a whale next to you lol!