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DH got home today from work and could barely drag himself out of the car. He got to the porch and he had to make a run for the bathroom, hit his foot on the step and I just KNEW he was gonna fall, but thankfully he didn't.

Regardless of all that - he's throwing up and has to potty every few minutes. I feel horrible for him. I had a 24 hr bug this past weekend - that might be what he's gotten, but even still... he never gets sick. So I bought him so gatorade and chicken soup and saltines and ginger ale...lol.

I hope he feels better soon, I KNOW I gave him this. But on the other side, I've been throwing up for 16 weeks! Welcome to my world! lol. Seriously, that was mean...sorry.

On another note, I can't believe the June board is moving into their second tri-mester. Holy cow! This pregnancy is flying by.

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Oh no, I'm sorry your DH is sick. I get what you mean about "welcome to my world" , as sympathetic as they may be, men really don't get what its like to be sick for weeks on end. Sounds like you are taking good care of him and hopefully he will be feeling better quickly.

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Aww your poor DH. Hope he feels better soon. I also totally get the "welcome to my world." DH had heartburn the other night and was being a baby about it. I'm like... I deal with heartburn everyday and I puked for 11 weeks straight, I can't sleep at night, and I have to pee all the time. I said something to the effect of "welcome to my world." I like to tease him though.

Seriously though, I hope your DH gets better soon. Food poisoning sucks because it comes out of both ends.

I know, I can't believe our pregnancies are suddenly flying by. So crazy! April will be here before we know it.

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You tube "The Man Cold" its hilarious and so true.

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I hope your DH feels better soon. There is NOTHING worse than having a stomach bug. Except maybe having m/s for 16 weeks straight....

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UGH and not to sound mean but when men are sick it's a miserable time for everyone!!!! Hope he is feeling better

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Oh man, that's terrible. Stomach bugs are usually pretty thourough and hit everyone before moving on. NOT FUN.

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"Mari626" wrote:

UGH and not to sound mean but when men are sick it's a miserable time for everyone!!!! Hope he is feeling better

Bahahahaha! Right? They are such stinking babies about it. LOL